How to Choose a Solar Installer

Jan. 12, 2022

Installing solar panels has a lot of benefits for Massachusetts homeowners and businesses, from electricity bill savings and incentive earnings to cleaner energy production and reduced carbon emissions. While it may be tempting to have a list of the cheapest solar quotes to compare, solar is a long term investment, so it’s crucial that you work with an experienced and trustworthy solar company. Before you sign a contract with just any solar company near you in Massachusetts, make sure you research the following: 


What Sets the Best Solar Companies in Massachusetts Apart? 


Years of Experience 

When it comes to solar installation, experience matters. You’ll be putting your home and your roof in the hands of the company you choose, and you don’t want your installation to be their practice run. 

Boston Solar is the most experienced local solar company with more than 4,800 installations. We’ve been in business for 10+ years, so you can expect a smooth commercial or home solar system installation from start to finish. Plus, you get your own dedicated customer service representative throughout the whole process. 


High-Quality Solar Products & Custom Design 

Top-tier solar products work better and last longer than lower-quality options. Finding a solar installer near you that offers leading panels, inverters, and batteries will help you maximize your system’s performance and longevity and your return on investment. But the quality of the products is only half the equation—you also need a company that can design and customize a solar system to meet your needs. 

At Boston Solar, we don’t just install one-size-fits-all solar energy kits. We design custom systems that are tailored to your specific energy needs using some of the highest-quality solar panels and products available. 


Strong Warranty Protection & Production Guarantees 

A solar power system is an investment you want to protect. When researching commercial or residential solar installation companies, make sure you ask about their warranty and what it covers. Boston Solar offers a 25-year warranty for all installations, plus a production guarantee for residential customers. Your long-term satisfaction is our top priority! 


Positive Reviews & Recommendations from Past Customers 

The best way to find out what it’s like to work with a specific solar company is to talk to their previous customers. By speaking with past customers, or reading their reviews, you’ll be able to learn more about the installer’s processes and evaluate whether they’re a good fit for your project. Boston Solar has over 750 Google reviews and a 4.9-star rating. We are a transparent company, and we encourage you to read our customer reviews and take a look at our completed projects


Local Ownership & Operations 

Understanding the local climate is hugely important when it comes to solar panels, which makes working with a local installer a great idea. A solar company that’s based in your area will have a better understanding of peak sunlight hours and weather-related obstacles like snow and ice, so they can design and install a system that will perform optimally in your climate. 

As a 100% locally owned and operated company, Boston Solar has personal experience with Massachusetts’ climate. We know how the summer heat and winter snow affect panel productivity, and we design solar power systems that will generate maximum electricity all year long. We are also deeply familiar with local solar incentives—like net metering, SMART, and ConnectedSolutions—and will handle the application process for you. 


Talk to the #1 Massachusetts-Based Solar Installer Today 

At the end of the day, you want to work with a solar installer that understands your needs and wants you to have a positive experience. Whether you’re ready to get your project underway or you still have a lot of questions about solar energy in Massachusetts, Boston Solar is here to help. 

Why Boston Solar? 

  • Massachusetts-based solar installer 
  • 4,800+ solar installations 
  • Fully integrated teams - no outsourcing for installations
  • Will handle all permitting and incentive applications for you  
  • Dedicated customer service contact for your project
  • 25-year warranty 
  • Long-term relationship for ongoing support 
  • Easy financing options 

Start your solar project today. Call 617-858-1645 or contact us to schedule a consultation. 

How to Choose a Solar Installer

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