Solar Energy Production, Guaranteed

Mar. 29, 2019

There are a number of financial benefits that come with an investment in solar — years of electricity savings; protection against rising energy costs; and a reduced federal tax burden, to name a few. All of these financial benefits come together to give you peace of mind concerning your solar investment.

But what if you could achieve even greater peace of mind with your solar investment, by knowing that your new system would produce a guaranteed amount of electricity?

Now, when you install a residential solar PV system with Boston Solar, your solar investment will be backed by our Production Guarantee.


Our Production Guarantee: How It Works

Our Production Guarantee offers assured energy production of at least 90% over the first ten years that your system runs — or we’ll pay the difference. Here’s how it works.

When we install your system, we’ll generate a “Guaranteed Cumulative Production” chart, which outlines a guaranteed amount of energy your system will produce over a specified time period. Here’s an example:


Contract Year Guaranteed Power Production Prices $/kWh Guaranteed Cumulative Annual kWh
2 17,713 $0.22
4 35,249 $0.24
6 52,610 $0.25
8 69,798 $0.27
10 86,814 $0.28


In this example, we’ve guaranteed that your solar PV system will produce at least 17,713 kWh of energy over the first two years of its lifespan. If for some reason, your system produces less than that amount, we will pay you the difference using the guaranteed power production price for that time period. So, using the example above, if your system produced only 17,000  kWh over the first two years, we would pay you $0.22/kWh x 713 kWh = $156.86 to cover the cost of energy not produced.

Our Production Guarantee covers energy production for the first ten years of your system’s lifespan and is assessed every two years.


Combine This Guarantee with Limited Time Incentives

Remember: there are other financial incentives — which are available for only a limited time — that make now an ideal time to invest in solar. Statewide SMART incentives, for example, allow you to earn monthly payments for your solar PV system’s production; but time is running out to install solar and apply. Meanwhile, 2019 is the final year you can install a solar PV system and deduct the maximum 30% of the system cost from what you owe on your federal taxes before it starts to diminish.

When you combine our new Production Guarantee with these two limited time financial incentives, you can achieve the ultimate peace of mind concerning your solar investment.


Learn More About Our Production Guarantee

At Boston Solar, we stand behind our work, and we are proud to offer this exclusive Production Guarantee to our residential customers. If you are interested in installing solar panels on your roof or property and want to learn more about the peace of mind this guarantee offers, get in touch with our team! We’ll share additional details about our Production Guarantee and give you a free quote so you can see what investing in solar might look like for your home.


Solar is a smarter investment than ever thanks to our Production Guarantee. Call 617-858-1645 or contact us to learn more about this exclusive guarantee!

Solar Energy Production, Guaranteed

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