Solar Energy Financing & Payment Options for Homeowners

See how much you could save by going solar with Boston Solar. Boston Solar offers many financing and payment options to help you go solar with $0 down. 

Purchasing a solar panel system directly will offer you the highest return on your investment.  With this option, you receive all Federal and State incentives, without any fees or interest payments that accompany loans.  If you buy a solar panel system, roughly 30-50% of the cost is returned to you through tax credits, a state rebate and Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) within the first year and you become cash positive. Over the next 10-20 years, SMART payments are sent out monthly for the energy you produce. 

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To get around the hurdle of upfront costs, we offer 100% financing programs through Massachusetts Solar Loans and Sungage Financial.  This allows you to own your solar array, take advantage of all the tax credits and rebates, and make a profit in the first year.  A solar system saves you on your electric bills and earns you monthly income through Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART).  You pay nothing out of pocket and still have greater system generated savings than your low monthly payments.

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