Solar Battery Storage

Solar with battery storage is more powerful than solar alone and provides a wide range of benefits for your home. With battery storage for your home solar system, you’ll be able to use more of the solar energy you produce and you’ll have reliable backup power during a grid outage. 

Boston Solar installs solar battery storage systems for homeowners throughout Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. We partner with leading solar battery manufacturers and will help you find the right fit for your needs. 

How Solar Battery Storage Works 

Solar panels generate a lot of electricity when they have direct sunlight access—typically more than you can use at once. Solar batteries allow you to store the excess power your solar panels generate during the day and use it at any time. When your solar panels are not producing power (at night, for example), your home can draw energy from your battery so you can use solar energy 24/7. 

You can think about a solar battery like the battery in your phone. When you plug your phone into an outlet, the battery charges and holds onto power so you can use your phone when it isn’t plugged in. When the sun shines on your solar panels, they charge your battery so you can use solar energy even when your solar panels are not actively producing electricity. 

Why You Need Solar Battery Backup 

Solar batteries are worth it for your home thanks to the number of benefits they provide that you don’t get with solar panels alone. 

Easy Backup Power for Nor'easters and Hurricanes

Solar battery storage provides automatic backup power during a grid outage. With a battery system, your solar panels can stay on during a power outage so you can keep essentials running. Battery backup gives you peace of mind and will keep your family safe during a blackout. 

Less Fossil Fuel Consumption 

Solar batteries allow you to use more renewable solar energy and less fossil fuel, reducing your impact on the environment. 

24/7 Access to Solar Power 

With a solar storage battery, you can use solar power anytime, even at night. The more solar energy you use, the less electricity you have to buy, saving you money. 

Greater Energy Security 

Solar system batteries reduce your reliance on the electric grid and give you greater control over your own power production. Home battery storage with solar panels brings you one step closer to energy independence. 

Solar Battery Costs & Incentives 

Solar battery costs can vary depending on many factors, including the type and number of batteries you install. Boston Solar can provide a free estimate for your solar battery installation. 

Solar battery incentives and financing can make your project more affordable. Your solar battery installation may be eligible for: 

New England Solar Battery Installation 

Boston Solar has been empowering New England for over 11 years. We are the leading local solar company in MA and NH and have completed over 5,000 solar panel installations. 

We install solar plus battery systems that will maximize your benefits and help you get the most out of your investment in solar. Our team can help you decide whether a solar battery makes sense for your home and recommend the best solar plus storage system for your needs.  

Install solar panels with battery storage. Call 617-858-1645 or contact us to schedule a free consultation. 


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