Boston Solar Is a Proud Partner of the Boston Red Sox!

Feb. 25, 2022

Boston Solar is excited to announce that we are a Proud Partner of the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox take sustainability seriously and have made major strides in their environmental endeavors, from installing LED lighting and solar thermal panels throughout Fenway Park to improving their recycling and composting efforts. 

This year, the Red Sox will be taking their sustainability game up a notch with the construction of the MGM Music Hall at Fenway. The venue is slated to be one of the largest in all of Boston, and Boston Solar is proud to announce that we will be joining forces with the Red Sox and Fenway Music Company to craft a custom solar energy system with 300 solar panels for the MGM Music Hall at Fenway. The system is estimated to produce 158,766kWh—the equivalent of 113 metric tons of CO2—in its first year alone.  That’s the equivalent of carbon sequestered by 1,860 tree seedlings grown for ten years. 

As we join forces, Boston Solar will be supporting the Red Sox as they continue to push the envelope when it comes to sustainability and clean energy in baseball. 


Solar Helps Power Fenway Park & It Could Power Your Home Too! 

In 2008, Fenway Park became the first professional baseball ballpark to install solar technologies. Since then, solar energy has helped to power hundreds of Red Sox games and thousands of hours of baseball, festivals, concerts, and even an extreme winter sporting event or two. 

You can join the Boston Red Sox in their sustainability efforts by installing solar panels at your home with help from Boston Solar, the company Red Sox fans trust. 

With your own residential solar power system, you can feel good turning on the TV for game day - all 162 regular season games, knowing that it's running on clean, renewable energy. If you also install whole-home battery storage, you won’t have to worry about a grid failure knocking out your power during the bottom of the 9th. And, with all the money you’ll save on your electric bills, you can put some of that extra cash towards Red Sox tickets (or maybe even a season ticket)! 

So invite your friends and family, grab your favorite game day snacks, and let solar power make your home the place to be this baseball season. 


Massachusetts Goes to Bat for Solar Energy

Massachusetts is one of the most solar-friendly states in the country—thanks in no small part to commitment from organizations like the Boston Red Sox and from homeowners like you. Together, Boston Solar is helping homeowners apart of Red Sox Nation get in on the benefits of solar energy: 

As one of the best solar companies in Massachusetts, Boston Solar can help you take advantage of all these great benefits (and more!) with a custom solar energy system for your home. 

Ready to join the Red Sox in making Massachusetts more sustainable? Schedule a consultation with Boston Solar, the number one MA-based home solar company and Proud Partner of the Boston Red Sox. We’re a 100% locally owned and operated solar company in the Boston area, serving all of Massachusetts, that you can trust with your home solar installation. 

Go solar with the Proud Partner of the Boston Red Sox, Boston Solar! Call 617-858-1645 or schedule a free consultation online today. 

Boston Solar Is a Proud Partner of the Boston Red Sox!

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