Three Reasons to Be Thankful for Solar Energy in Massachusetts

Nov. 23, 2020

It may have been a wild and crazy ride, but 2020 is nearly over. And while there were a lot of unexpected diversions, there are still some things to be thankful for this year as we celebrate Thanksgiving. Here at Boston Solar, we are particularly thankful for solar energy, and the many benefits it provides to the homeowners who have invested in solar panel installation as well as our communities across Massachusetts. Here are 3 reasons we’re thankful for solar energy! 


1. Cleaner Renewable Energy For Massachusetts Homes

The greater the solar capacity here in Massachusetts, the cleaner our electric grid and the more we are doing as a whole for the environment. In Massachusetts, solar energy makes up over 17% of our state’s electricity with more than 2,800 MW of solar installed - that’s enough to power almost 490,000 homes! 

For many residential solar PV systems, when the solar panels convert more energy than the home can use, the excess electricity is sent back to the grid for use in other homes and businesses, in exchange for a credit on your energy bill. This process is called net metering. 

The more homeowners with solar panels on their roof or property, the more renewable, clean energy will eventually be sent to the greater electrical grid for use in the community, and the need for fossil-fuel based energy will be reduced along with lower pollution. 

When you install solar, you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping others do the same!  One average 9kW home solar energy system generates about 10,000 kWh annually, which is the equivalent of offsetting 8,460 lbs of CO2 - that’s the carbon emissions equivalent of 432 gallons of gas! 


2. Resiliency

For homes that are prone to blackouts and unexpected outages, battery storage has become the path to having backup power with solar. Battery storage devices, like Tesla Powerwall and Generac PWRcell, store any excess electricity generated from your solar panels, and save it for later use. This keeps your lights, and other essentials, on during an outage, and makes renewable energy available anytime day and night, giving you and your family much needed peace of mind in uncertain times. 

Scaling up these distributed energy resources is also helping to make Massachusetts’ electricity grid more sustainable and to balance out peak demand periods, which can help lower the cost of electricity for all long term. For those with a solar battery backup system, you could also be eligible to take part in the Mass Save ConnectedSolutions program, where you’ll receive incentive payments for allowing the grid to draw some of your stored energy during demand periods. 

And this isn’t the only incentive program homeowners can benefit from as battery storage qualifies for federal and state solar tax credits and the SMART program. 


3. Boost for Local Economy and Jobs

Before the pandemic outbreak, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimated that “employment of solar photovoltaic (PV) installers is projected to grow 51 percent from 2019 to 2029”. And considering that Massachusetts is ranked 8th in the nation for installed solar capacity with more than 10,000 solar jobs at the beginning of 2020, solar is poised to contribute substantial growth to our local jobs market and economy!

In addition to the cost of solar declining over the last several years, another reason the solar industry is expected to grow so much is the many solar rebates and incentives in Massachusetts that help homeowners save on the upfront solar panel costs, as well as the financial incentives that last much longer than just the initial installation. These incentives include: 

With over $7 billion already invested in solar across Massachusetts, solar is a smart investment for many homes and businesses across our communities. 


Thankful to Be a Solar Company in Massachusetts

With over 4,400 solar installations across Massachusetts, we’re thankful to have helped so many homeowners and businesses go solar and make a positive impact on their livelihoods and the wider community over the last 9 years. While it has been an unprecedented year, we are still committed to providing our fellow Bay Staters with a safe way to start their journey to solar energy, even amidst current pandemic health concerns. Find your reason to be thankful for solar energy. We’re here to answer any of your questions about solar and help you see how solar can benefit your family this holiday season and beyond. Schedule a free solar quote with our solar experts today.

There are many reasons to be thankful for solar energy this year.  Give Boston Solar a call for a free solar quote! Call 617-858-1645 or get in touch here.

Three Reasons to Be Thankful for Solar Energy in Massachusetts

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