Modernizing the Grid: The Case for Solar Batteries

Jun. 10, 2022

Widespread solar and battery storage installation is the one of the best approaches to modernizing the electric grid. Solar with battery storage gives homeowners and businesses a source of backup power that they can rely on during a power outage, and it also makes the grid more resilient by reducing strain during high-demand periods. 

As extreme weather events, like the snowstorms Texas experienced in 2021, the increased coastal storms Massachusetts is expecting this summer, and frequent heatwaves put more pressure on the grid, we need to make real strides toward a modernized, resilient electric grid. Residential and commercial solar batteries can help.

Solar batteries help homes and businesses improve their energy security while simultaneously increasing grid reliability for everyone—here’s how. 

The Benefits of Solar Batteries 

Solar battery installation amplifies the solar benefits you’re already enjoying if you use solar energy and is absolutely worth the investment. 

1. Get Reliable Backup Power

If you want protection from increased power outages, you need a solar battery. Solar batteries store the excess electricity your solar panels generate during the day, giving you a ready source of backup power that can be used to keep your home or business running during an outage.

2. Keep Your Solar Panels On During a Power Outage

During a grid outage, all grid-tied solar systems are automatically shut down to protect grid equipment and workers from unexpected power surges. If you have battery storage, however, your system will temporarily disconnect itself from the grid instead of turning off. It will operate in island mode for the duration of the outage, allowing you to continue generating power and charging your batteries.  

3. Reduce Peak Demand Periods 

Solar batteries help stabilize the electric grid by reducing strain during peak demand periods, like extremely hot summer days when people are using more electricity to stay cool with air conditioning. Homes and businesses that have solar panels and batteries can use their solar power during peak demand periods, freeing up grid-generated power for non-solar customers. This takes a lot of strain off the grid and makes it easier for the grid to meet demand, improving reliability for everyone and helping to reduce electricity rates. 

4. Get Solar Battery Incentives with ConnectedSolutions 

Because solar battery storage is so essential to grid resiliency, Massachusetts has implemented an incentive program to encourage more solar battery installations throughout the state. The ConnectedSolutions program allows the utility to pull power from individual solar batteries during peak demand periods in the summer and winter. This helps balance out the grid, increases reliability, and makes electricity more affordable.  

If you install a qualifying battery and join the program, your battery will be called on no more than 60 times for a maximum of three hours at a time. This happens automatically, and most homeowners never even notice an event has occurred. 

In exchange, participants receive an incentive of up to $1,500 a year depending on their battery’s performance. 

5. Use More Clean Energy 

By storing the excess electricity your solar panels generate during the daytime, solar batteries give you access to clean, renewable solar energy at night. As a result, you’ll use less fossil fuel, reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner energy future. 

By participating in the ConnectedSolutions program, you’ll also be helping to feed clean solar energy directly into the grid, helping to reduce fossil fuel use throughout Massachusetts and diversifying the electric grid. 

Install Solar Panels & Battery Storage in Massachusetts 

Boston Solar is a leading commercial solar installer near you in Massachusetts offering professional solar battery installation for homes and businesses of all sizes. We design custom solar panel and battery storage systems based on your energy needs and can help you gain energy security. We’ve been empowering Massachusetts for over ten years and are proudly helping to create a modernized, sustainable electric grid by installing solar batteries throughout the state. 

Help modernize the grid while protecting your home or business with battery storage! Call 617-858-1645 or contact us to get a solar battery installation cost estimate.  

Modernizing the Grid: The Case for Solar Batteries

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