How Do Solar Warranties Work?

Jun. 29, 2022

Solar panel warranties protect your investment and are an important factor to consider when looking for a solar installation company. There are a few types of solar warranties, however, and different installers offer different options. To make sure you’re getting the best solar panel warranty possible, it’s important to learn what a solar panel warranty is, how they work, and what they cover. 

What Is a Solar Panel Warranty? 

A solar system warranty is a written guarantee that the covered system components will be repaired or replaced if necessary, within a specified time period. Most residential and commercial solar panel installations come with two warranties: 

  • Product Warranty - Solar panels, solar inverters, and solar batteries typically carry product warranties, which are held up by the manufacturer. These warranties cover problems related to the product, such as manufacturing defects or weather-related damage. Boston Solar offers an extended 25-year product warranty for solar panels and inverters.
  • Workmanship Warranty - Workmanship warranties cover problems related to your solar system’s installation, such as improper technique or technician error. Boston Solar offers a 10-year workmanship warranty. 

In addition to the standard product and workmanship warranties, Boston Solar offers a special Production Guarantee. Our Production Guarantee ensures at least 90% energy production over the first ten years that your system runs, or we’ll pay the difference. 

Why Do Solar Warranties Matter? 

Solar PV panel warranties are designed to protect your solar system and ensure that it will operate as intended for a reasonable period of time. When you have your system installed, you will receive detailed information about your warranties and what they cover. 

If you experience a problem with your system within the warranty period, you can submit a claim either to the manufacturer or the solar company that installed your system, depending on whether the problem is related to the product or the installation. Assuming the damage is covered and your claim is accepted, you’ll receive the replacement part and/or installation labor for free, saving you the cost of a repair.  

Solar warranties help ensure that your system won’t stop producing electricity before it reaches the end of its lifespan, allowing you to derive long-term value and a higher return on your investment. 

Top Solar Panel Product Warranties 

Boston Solar installs solar products from industry-leading manufacturers, all of which carry their own product warranties. The table below outlines the manufacturer warranties offered for all of the solar products we install. For products with varying warranties, the longest possible duration is listed. 

Rec Solar Warranty 25 Years
SunPower Solar Panels Warranty 25 Years
Enphast IQ8 Solar Inverter Warranty 25 years
Enphase Solar Battery Warranty  15 years
Tesla Powerwall Solar Battery Warranty  10 years 


Learn More About Solar Panels for Your Massachusetts Home or Business 

Boston Solar is a leading solar provider near you offering high-quality, custom solar installations to homeowners and businesses throughout Massachusetts. We stand behind our work with strong warranties and a Production Guarantee to ensure that you get the most out of your investment in a solar energy system. 

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How Do Solar Warranties Work?

Protect your investment in solar! 
Boston Solar offers a 25-year warranty. 

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