Introducing Enphase Encharge, the Next Big Thing in Solar Battery Storage

Apr. 12, 2021

Enphase, one of the biggest names in solar inverter manufacturing, has recently launched its first battery storage product, the Enphase Encharge, and Boston Solar is excited to add this innovative solar battery to our product offerings. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Enphase Encharge battery. 


How Does the Enphase Encharge Storage System Work? 

If you have solar panels, but don’t have a solar battery, any excess energy that your panels produce is sent to the grid. The Enphase battery allows you to keep that excess energy for yourself by giving you a place to store it. Then, when your panels are not producing enough energy, you can use your stored energy to power your home or business instead of buying electricity from your utility. You’ll also be able to use the electricity stored by your Enphase Encharge during a power outage, so you can keep the lights on even when the grid is down. 

The Encharge system is modular, which means you can group multiple batteries together to achieve your desired capacity. The Enphase Encharge : 


Enphase Encharge 10 (consists of 3 of Encharge 3 batteries in one unit)

10.1 kWh total usable energy capacity

Enphase Encharge 3 (one battery, one unit)

3.4 kWh total usable energy capacity


The Encharge 10 is a larger battery that can power more appliances for longer periods of time, while the Encharge 3 is designed for smaller applications. 


Can Enphase Be Used Off-Grid? 

Here in Massachusetts, to get all the benefits of solar battery incentives you’ll want your solar battery system to be grid-tied. However, Enphase will help you become more grid-independent and financially-independent, as you’ll be able to use more of the energy your solar panels produce and won’t have to pull as much—if any—electricity from the grid. 


How Much Does an Enphase Battery Cost?

Enphase Encharge prices can vary greatly depending on who is installing your solar battery, whether you already have solar panels in place or are installing a new solar plus battery storage system, and more. It’s best to get a customized quote from a solar energy installer, like Boston Solar, to see exactly what an Enphase Encharge battery will cost you based on your energy needs.


Does Enphase Encharge Qualify for Solar Rebates and Incentives in Massachusetts?

Yes! There are several rebates and incentives for solar battery storage in Massachusetts: 


The Investment Tax Credit / Solar Tax Credit

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) currently allows you to claim a federal solar tax credit worth 26% of your solar system’s total installation cost. Solar battery storage can qualify for the ITC. In order to qualify, residential solar batteries must derive 100% of their energy from an on-site renewable source, and commercial batteries must derive 75% of their energy from an on-site renewable source. 



ConnectedSolutions is a demand response utility program that will pay you for using renewable energy from your solar battery, including Enphase Encharge, during peak demand times during winter and summer periods. 



The Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) program is a solar incentive program through which you can receive monthly payments for up to 10 years depending on how much energy your solar panels produce. It is the first solar incentive in the nation to provide additional incentives for solar energy systems that include eligible solar batteries. 

Boston Solar makes it easy to apply for rebates and incentives—we’ll find out which programs you qualify for and handle all the paperwork for you so you can sit back and count your savings. 


Want to Buy an Enphase Encharge for Your Massachusetts Home or Business? 

Boston Solar is proud to offer Enphase Encharge solar batteries and can install an Enphase battery as part of a new solar energy system or as a retrofit for an existing system. We’re the number one Massachusetts-based solar installer, and we’re here to help with all of your solar needs. To learn more about Boston Solar and the Enphase Encharge, reach out to our team today. We install custom solar energy systems and can design a solar plus battery storage system that meets your energy needs.

Save more energy and money with an Enphase Encharge solar battery. Call 617-858-1645 or contact us here to get a free solar quote.

Introducing Enphase Encharge, the Next Big Thing in Solar Battery Storage

Get the best solar battery product. 
The Enphase Encharge is here. 

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