Can you install solar panels in the winter in Massachusetts?

Nov. 23, 2021
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Going solar is an excellent way to combat winter energy price hikes in Massachusetts, and contrary to popular belief, solar panels can be installed in the winter! Plus, getting a head start on solar installation can lead to better incentives—solar panels that are installed in the winter of 2021 will qualify for the 26% solar tax credit and the highest remaining SMART blocks


Winter Is a Great Time to Go Solar in Massachusetts 

The early winter months are a great time to start enjoying the benefits of solar energy, but many Massachusetts homeowners wonder if winter is really an ideal time to go solar. As the #1 Massachusetts-based residential solar contractor, Boston Solar is here to dispel some of the myths surrounding winter solar installations and explain why winter might actually be the ideal time for you to make the switch to solar.


Maximize the Financial Benefits of Solar Energy 

SMART incentive blocks are filling up fast and these incentives decline as each block fills up. This means that the sooner you have your solar system installed, the more likely you are to qualify for the greatest financial return in monthly solar incentive payments from your utility.

Other lucrative solar incentives like the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) are time-sensitive. Until the end of 2022, homeowners can qualify for a 26% solar tax credit through the ITC. In 2023, the ITC will drop to 22% and in 2024 it will be eliminated for homeowners. Getting your solar installation underway this winter will help you maximize your savings. 


Beat the Spring Rush for Solar Panel Installations

Spring and summer tend to be busy seasons for solar contractors here in Massachusetts, as most homeowners think about solar during the sunnier months when air conditioning costs are at their peak. If you wait until the spring or summer to schedule your solar panel or solar battery installation, you could end up competing with other homeowners. By scheduling your solar panel installation during the winter, you can beat the rush! 


Solar Panels Work Perfectly in the Winter 

Not only do solar panels work in the winter, but they can even thrive during the colder months. Though many people believe solar panels produce less in the winter, solar panels actually operate more efficiently when it’s cold outside than they do in extreme heat. 

Some homeowners worry about how snow may affect a solar panel’s ability to generate energy, especially if their solar panels will be roof-mounted. Light snow is not a concern for solar panels because the wind can easily blow it off, and the snow actually scatters light, making energy production possible. Heavy snow can limit solar energy production; however, many types of solar panels are designed to let snow slide off easily, and Boston Solar installs snow guards to prevent dangerous piles of snow on your solar panels. 


Boston Solar Is Ready for Winter Solar Installations in MA 

Another reason winter is a great time to go solar? Solar installers often prefer working in cold weather. Installing solar panels on a hot asphalt roof for several hours in the middle of the summer can easily make for uncomfortable work conditions. During the winter, on the other hand, solar technicians can enjoy the cooler temperatures as they work up a sweat installing solar panels. 

At Boston Solar, our technicians are fully trained to work safely in winter weather conditions. We also keep a close eye on the local weather forecast so we can plan ahead of time for how snow or icy weather may affect your project. If you’re considering installing solar panels this winter, we’re ready to start designing your new system! 

Save money on high winter energy costs! Install solar panels this winter. Call 617-858-1645 or contact us to schedule a solar consultation. 


Can you install solar panels in the winter in Massachusetts?

Winter is the perfect time to install solar panels!
Boston Solar is ready to get your project started. 

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