How much energy will my solar panels produce in the winter?

Nov. 24, 2021

Solar panels generate electricity during every season and will help you save money on your energy bills all year round—even during the cold, Massachusetts winters. You can even install solar panels during the winter! In fact, winter is one of the best times to install solar panels. 

But as we start to see below-freezing temperatures and snow in the forecast, you may be wondering just how well solar panels work in the winter. Boston Solar has installed more than 4,800 solar panel systems across all four seasons, and we know the ins and outs of solar energy in the winter. Here’s why you shouldn’t worry about cold winters when planning your solar installation in Massachusetts: 


Solar Panels Are More Efficient in Cooler Temperatures 

Did you know that extremely high temperatures can actually diminish solar panel efficiency? Solar panels generate free electricity no matter what temperature it is outside and operate most efficiently in cool, sunny weather. This means solar panels are efficient in the winter, often even more so than on extremely hot days. 

At Boston Solar, we install high-performance solar panels that are designed to withstand the Boston area’s freezing temperatures and heavy snow. See how we designed a winter-ready system for this Gardner homeowner


You’ll Save Money Year-Round With Solar Power 

If you’re considering investing in a solar energy system for your home, now is the time. Going solar offers valuable financial benefits not just in the summer months, but year-round. Thanks to the free electricity your solar PV system will generate, you’ll enjoy significantly lower energy bills and protection from rising energy costs all year long. 

Don’t wait—the earlier you get into the Massachusetts SMART program, the more money you’ll receive in incentives. Plus, if you finish your solar installation before the end of 2022, you’ll be eligible for a 26% federal tax credit through the federal solar tax credit. The tax credit will be reduced to 22% in 2023 and gone forever in 2024, so get your solar installation scheduled this winter with Boston Solar! 


You Don’t Have to Remove Snow From Your Solar Panels

Here in Massachusetts, a snowy winter is inevitable. And while we can’t do anything to keep you from having to clean snow off your car, we can tell you that you won’t have to do the same for your solar panels. 

Solar panels are installed at an angle, which allows snow to melt and slide off easily. They even heat up slightly from sitting in the sun, meaning that snow could melt off faster than you expect. Plus, Boston Solar installs snow guards to stop large sheets of snow from sliding off all at once and becoming a safety hazard. 

Even if your solar panels become covered in snow after a heavy storm, we recommend waiting before grabbing that large brush or rake (both of which can damage the glass surface of your panels.) You will lose some energy production due to heavy snow accumulation, but that snow will melt and fall off on its own. Even partially exposed solar panels can generate clean energy for your home!


Boston Solar Is Ready for Winter Solar Panel Installations! 

Looking for a solar company near you in Massachusetts that installs solar panels in the winter? Boston Solar is the number one Massachusetts solar installer and we can get your installation started this winter, or at any time throughout the year. Our team has installed thousands of solar systems in all kinds of weather conditions and can answer all your questions about how solar energy works in the winter. 

Power your home with free, clean electricity this winter! Call 617-858-1645 or contact us to schedule a solar consultation. 

How much energy will my solar panels produce in the winter?

Keep your home running on solar power all winter!
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