Your Top Home Summer Projects Checklist

Jul. 08, 2020

Keeping busy this summer may turn out to be more of a challenge than many of us thought back in January! How are you planning to spend your summer at home? Before the fall arrives, there is still time for some fun (and useful) summer projects that can increase your home comfort, reduce your carbon footprint, and maybe even reduce your energy costs!


Start a Compost Bin

Put your organic food waste to work. The plant-food makers at Scotts Miracle-Gro have seen a serious uptick in gardening interest this year, with an estimated 55% of Americans currently gardening or caring for their own lawn. If you are developing your green thumb, why not create some of your own nutrient-rich soil to use in your lawn or garden?

All you need to get started is a small airtight bin in your kitchen to hold your compost-friendly food waste. Once your indoor bin is full, transfer your compost to a larger rotating compost bin  outside, or a prepared open air compost pile. 

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Deck and Patio Projects

Eating at a restaurant may still be touch and go for the remainder of this year in Massachusetts. Why not take this warmer weather opportunity, and turn your patio, deck, or backyard into an “al fresco” dining experience?



Power washing the hard materials in your backyard can breathe life into an area of your home that may have been neglected over time. Using a power washer on your wooden deck or concrete patio will clear off dirt and debris, as well as help remove any mold growth that may precede rotting, or at the very least, unpleasant smells. 



Has the stain on your wooden deck faded over time? Take this time to put on the gloves, get the brushes, and ask your kids if they want to earn their allowance this week! Restaining can help your backyard feel a little closer to that hip new burger place you wanted to try out before the pandemic.


Create an Outdoor Dining Space

Have you spent more time (and money) shopping online this year? Take a browse on outdoor furniture sites, and revamp your outdoor dining options - even if it is just for take out! Maybe you’ll even find the perfect set of lawn games — lawn game Olympics anyone? After all, the summer Olympics were delayed until next year, so why not make your own event!?


Weatherize Your Home

Other useful around-the-house projects may not pay off until the winter, but can still provide value. Here are a few weatherizing projects that can help keep your home cozier when the temperatures start to drop, but may also have some energy-savings benefits this summer:

  1. Install weatherstripping on doors and windows

  2. Apply caulk to leaky windows/replace faulty plumbing caulk

  3. Replace attic insulation


These weatherization tips will protect your home from gaining outdoor heat in the summer, as well as losing indoor heat in the winter. A “tighter” home will use less energy, and will be easier to condition! Did you know you could get a no-cost virtual home energy assessment through Mass Save and, for a limited time, get 100% off approved insulation? Schedule now with Mass Energy Experts


Install Solar

Speaking of using less energy, why not take this summer to finally install the solar panels you’ve been interested in for years now? This year especially, you stand to save more on Massachusetts solar incentives, as well as the Federal Solar Tax Credit and the SMART solar incentive.

At Boston Solar, the number one Massachusetts based solar installer, we have implemented a safe and smooth process of installing a custom designed solar PV (photovoltaic) system without risking the health and safety of your family and our crews amidst the pandemic. It all starts with a virtual solar quote for installing solar panels on your home!

Looking for a worthwhile summer investment? Install solar this summer for year-round savings! Schedule a virtual solar appointment with Boston Solar today by calling 617-858-1645 or get in touch here.

Your Top Home Summer Projects Checklist

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