What Boston Solar Customers Say About Solar Tax Credits & Incentives

Sep. 20, 2019

So you may have heard about the lucrative savings from the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit, or solar tax credit, but you want to hear it from someone who’s gone solar and saved?  For homeowners and business owners looking to go solar here in Massachusetts, the Federal solar tax credit offers a 30% tax credit on the total cost of your solar PV (photovoltaic) system installation. However, this significant tax incentive is nearing its end, as 2019 is the final year to receive the full 30% tax credit before it starts to decline in 2020 and will be gone by 2022. 

Going solar can be a big investment decision, so we know it is important to hear and share how fellow homeowners who have actually utilized the savings of the solar tax credit, the state tax credit and other solar incentives in Massachusetts, like the SMART program have fared with their switch to solar. As the number one local solar company based in Massachusetts with over 4,000 installations, we wanted to share some of the reviews and stories from our customers who have taken the initiative to power their homes using the renewable energy of the sun and saved!


What Boston Solar Customers Say About Us


Electric Bill Savings for Nicohle M from Malden, MA

“Boston Solar did an amazing job from start to finish. They helped us know about all the financial assistance and tax credits available. They were also on top of the project from start to finish. Our panels went live in 2 months. We’ve yet to see our first fully solar electric bill, but our first bill that had a few days of solar on it was reduced by a quarter.

Go with them. They know what they’re doing!”


Transparent Cost/Benefits for Jonathan K. from Seekonk, MA

“Boston Solar was extremely helpful and professional throughout the entire installation process. There are lots of financial factors to consider when going solar, and everyone at Boston Solar was always willing to stop and take time to explain the different incentives. Often times throughout the process I needed to take time to think things over and the Boston Solar employees were always patient and understanding. They were a breath of fresh air compared with the people from other companies that I had been speaking with (extremely pushy and pressuring into leasing). DONT LEASE - go for ownership of the system because then you get the tax credits + state incentives. Boston Solar took their time to go through the numbers with me and were transparent about the cost/benefits of going solar. Go with Boston Solar, you wont regret it!”


Sold on SMART and Tax Credit Savings for Kris H. from Stoneham, MA

“After a number of years of trying to figure out if and when to go solar, I finally decided to get serious and started looking around for good installers.  One of the first companies to respond was Boston Solar, a local company based in Woburn, MA (which makes me happy). Within a day or two, Josh Baker from Boston Solar reached out to me, we set up an appointment for him to visit my house, and when he showed up, had a full presentation with details on my property ready to go.   He filled me in on how the typical solar installation works, reviewed my current electric bill so that we could determine how large a system we would need to cover costs, and discussed a number of financing options with me. Once I heard about the 30% federal tax credit, the Mass SMART incentive, and a few other rebates that were available for me by signing up in the Fall of 2018, I was sold and signed the contract.  It was a big step, and not a small investment, so I was still a bit apprehensive, but the numbers looked good on paper.

After Boston Solar completed the system design work, permitting paperwork, etc, which takes some time due to the need to get both the town and the utility company signoff, the big installation day finally arrived.  The 4-man crew was efficient and professional, and did a great job. They completed the 28 panel install in just 2 days, including all external and internal electrical work. One nice thing is that Boston Solar has their own licensed electricians who are expert in solar installation, so I had confidence in the end result.  I've attached pictures so you can see the PV inverter (the white box) installed next to my breaker box.

About a week later, I got final inspections, a new outside net meter installed by my utility company, and a visit by a Boston Solar commissioner, and my system was up-and-running.  Now I really appreciate the sunny days, and watch my meter spin backward.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the whole experience.  Mali, my project coordinator, kept me up-to-date on project status and next steps, answered all my questions, and took care of organizing all the myriad details with the town, the utility company, the installers, and more.  

If you are in the market for a PV solar system, I highly recommend you contact Boston Solar.  You won't be sorry.”


Easy Decision Based on the Numbers for Linda F. from Tyngsborough, MA

“Boston Solar did a great job of installing my solar panels during the worst winter on record, with lots of snow on the roof and freezing cold temps. The team of installers and electricians were nice, polite, professional and very considerate.  I asked for a follow up with one of the technicians to explain the system, and he too was very impressive. They have great employees and provide excellent service. The move to solar is an easy decision once you do the numbers. The tax savings this year was very helpful.  I highly recommend this company.”


Competitive Quote & Full Incentives Big Picture for Paul from Plymouth, MA

“Boston Solar was one of three companies I met with for quotes. They identified an additional 10% state tax credit that neither of the other two companies told me about. That saved me approximately $4,500 right off the top. Even without that credit, their quote was competitive. From sales to service to project management they were fantastic and I couldn't be happier with my decision to use them. I'm in my first month of solar production and I'm estimating an 85% savings on my electricity bill at this point.”


Boston Solar: Your Solar Advocate

The process of going solar can be confusing, and misleading. When you are looking to save the maximum amount on the costs related to your solar installation, you are going to want an advocate by your side to help get all your questions answered and breakdown the numbers. 

At Boston Solar, we take pride in being there for our customers when they need us the most. We know you don't want a pushy salesman, you don’t want to be sold something you don’t need or oversized, and you deserve a solar contractor that won’t leave you hanging with questions and concerns - particularly when it comes to your finances. 

Contact Boston Solar today, and schedule your free solar quote and enjoy the financial savings from the Federal Solar Tax Credit before it declines and access the SMART program incentives! 


There are still big savings available for Massachusetts homeowners looking to go solar from the solar tax credit and SMART program — we can help you save! Schedule your free solar quote with Boston Solar, by calling 617-858-1645 or get in touch today!

What Boston Solar Customers Say About Solar Tax Credits & Incentives

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