Is Solar Financing Still Worth It?

Sep. 05, 2023

Solar energy, as many homeowners already know, is more than just an eco-friendly option; it’s a smart financial investment. For decades, solar financing has paved the way for homeowners to make this switch, enabling them to harness the sun's power earlier and take advantage of the ensuing benefits.

Particularly in recent years, low financing rates made the decision to go solar easy. But, with interest rates higher than years past, potential solar adopters are looking harder at financing options, the same way they are looking at mortgage rates. So, given the evolving financial landscape, is solar financing still a smart decision?

The Long-Term Savings of Solar

While interest rates are an undeniable part of the equation, it's important to consider the broader financial picture when you add solar energy to your home. Solar panels aren't just an upfront investment, they're a ticket to long-term savings:

Reduced Utility Bills: As you generate your own free electricity, your reliance on utility companies diminishes. Over time, the savings on monthly bills can be substantial.

Protection Against Rising Energy Costs: With your solar panels in place, you're insulating yourself from future surges in electricity prices.

Net Metering Benefits: When your panels produce excess energy, it goes back into the grid and you receive credit for it. This benefit is called net metering, and it further cuts down on energy costs.

Reducing Costs with Solar Incentives

One of the strongest financial appeals for solar are the tax credits and incentives:

Federal Solar Tax Credit: Right now, homeowners can enjoy a 30% federal tax credit on their solar installation. This considerably reduces the effective cost of your solar system, and has no cap, which means you can save thousands of dollars when you install solar panels.

State and Local Incentives: Besides the federal credit, Massachusetts and New Hampshire offer additional incentives, including the previously mentioned net metering as well as ConnectedSolutions, a battery incentive program that allows you to earn money by giving your utility access to your stored energy during peak demand times. Both of these programs can further increase your lifetime solar savings, and the sooner you’re able to install panels on your home, the sooner you’ll begin to benefit.

Boosting Your Home’s Value

Let's not forget the real estate market. With the increasing demand for sustainable living, homes equipped with solar panels have found themselves in a sweet spot:

Increased Property Value: Studies have shown that homes with solar installations often sell faster and at higher prices compared to those without.

Attractive to Conscious Buyers: The next generation of homebuyers is more environmentally conscious. Solar homes stand out in the market, making them a prime choice for such buyers.

Longevity and Warranty: Our modern solar panels are durable and come with long 25 year warranties and additional benefits like our 10 Year Production Guarantee. We promise years and years of performance from your new solar panels!

Find Great Solar Financing Today from Boston Solar

While it's true that the landscape of financial markets constantly shifts, the merits of solar energy remain steady. Solar financing, even amidst higher interest rates, continues to offer a pathway to tangible, long-term benefits. Whether you're considering the cumulative savings over the years, the lucrative tax breaks, or the undeniable allure your solar-equipped home holds in the property market, the numbers add up in favor of solar.

Boston Solar offers 100% financing programs through Massachusetts Solar Loans and Sungage Financial. With our financing, you’ll still be able to take advantage of solar tax credits and other incentives, and you can go solar with $0 down! We’ve installed over 5,000 solar panel systems and have been empowering New England for more than 11 years—give our team a call and see for yourself what sets our solar company apart.


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Is Solar Financing Still Worth It?

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