How to Make Better Buildings For Employees and Your Bottom Line

Jan. 27, 2022

Did you know that making buildings healthier for employees can lead to lower operating costs? Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) and building inefficiencies are often linked, and boosting one is likely to improve the other, leading to lower energy bills. Plus, improving commercial indoor air quality can enhance productivity among your employees, helping to keep your business running smoothly. 

Boston Solar is a leading commercial solar company in Massachusetts, and we’re passionate about making buildings better for the people who occupy them, and the planet we all depend on. Keep reading for our top recommendations to make your building healthier and more comfortable for employees while simultaneously reducing your operating costs. 


Choose Solar Energy for Your Business 

Commercial solar panels are worth it for your Massachusetts business! The long list of commercial solar benefits prove it. By going solar, you can:

  • Reduce or eliminate electricity bills 
  • Reduce or eliminate heating and cooling costs when you switch to all-electric heat pumps 
  • Keep essential equipment like refrigerators running during a power outage with solar battery storage 
  • Position yourself as a sustainable business 
  • Attract talented employees who are increasingly seeking out environmentally-conscious employers
  • Qualify for commercial solar incentives, like the Federal Solar Tax Credit and MACRS 
  • Bring in more profit for your business with SMART and net metering 

How much you will save on energy costs if you go solar with your company depends on the size of the solar array and battery storage system you install. With the right system and energy efficiency upgrades, you can completely eliminate your electricity bills with solar. Boston Solar can install a custom system that’s designed to meet your business’s energy needs. 


Choose Energy Efficient Heat Pumps for Your Business

Heating and cooling account for a significant portion of your operating costs, especially if you run a large commercial space. Installing energy efficient heating and cooling equipment, like a commercial heat pump, will help you create a comfortable working environment for your employees and help your business save on energy costs. 


Upgrade Your Ventilation System 

Without proper ventilation, the air in your building will become stagnant and full of indoor air pollutants like VOCs, dust, viruses, and bacteria. Breathing in unhealthy air all day at work can make your employees sick with cold and flu-like symptoms, negatively affecting morale and leading to more sick days. 

By making sure your building has adequate ventilation you’ll be able to keep fresh, filtered air flowing into your workspace while contaminated air is carried out, so your employees stay comfortable and healthy at work. Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) are a highly efficient ventilation option for commercial spaces that can drastically improve IAQ while reducing the costs associated with conditioning the air in a large commercial building. 


Install an Air Purification System 

Workers across all industries are concerned about health in the workplace. Installing air filtration and purification systems, and actively monitoring the air quality in your building, will help set employees’ minds at ease so that they can focus on their daily tasks. Taking a proactive approach to building health can also help you avoid problems like mold growth that are expensive and time-consuming to resolve. 


The Best Commercial Solar Installer Near You in Massachusetts: Boston Solar 

From small businesses to major corporations, Boston Solar installs solar panels for businesses of all sizes and across all industries, including public schools and other non-profit organizations. We can help you save money and enjoy long-term financial benefits while improving building performance, comfort, and health for your employees. We’ve installed more than 4,800 solar power systems and are one of the most experienced commercial solar companies in the Boston area. 

Improve your building’s performance with commercial solar panels. Call 617-858-1645 or contact us to schedule a consultation. 

How to Make Better Buildings For Employees and Your Bottom Line

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