How Commercial Solar Energy Can Enhance Your Brand Equity

Feb. 10, 2023

Installing commercial solar panels has a lot of benefits: 

  • Lower operating costs
  • 30% federal solar tax credit for commercial solar installation 
  • Higher property value
  • Excellent return on investment 

The business world is taking notice and commercial solar panels are becoming increasingly common for small businesses and major corporations alike. Even the Red Sox are getting on board with a new commercial solar array for Fenway Music Hall, installed by Boston Solar, a Proud Partner of the Boston Red Sox.  

It’s easy to see the immediate financial benefits of a commercial solar panel installation. But, there’s one equally advantageous solar benefit that flies under the radar—better brand equity. 

Installing solar panels positions you as a green company, which will have a positive influence on your customers’ perception of your business and is a great way to build brand equity. Let’s take a look at how this benefits your business. 

Attract & Retain More Customers 

Installing commercial solar panels shows consumers that your company cares about its environmental and socioeconomic impacts. This makes your business more attractive to environmentally conscious consumers, who are becoming increasingly prevalent. As a result, you’ll see an increase in consumer confidence, sales, and revenue. 

Bring Positive Attention to Your Business 

Installing a commercial solar array is a great way to generate press for your business. Local media outlets frequently report on green building projects within their communities, like commercial solar installations. This can bring a whirlwind of positive attention and get your business noticed. 

Make Sustainability a Key Element of Your Brand 

A lot of businesses try to position themselves as green but fail to convince consumers because they don’t put any action behind their words. By installing solar panels for your business, you’re showing consumers that you are taking real, actionable steps toward environmental responsibility. You can capitalize on that by making sustainability a key component in your branding and advertising efforts. 

Attract & Retain Good Employees

It’s not just consumers who are looking for eco-conscious businesses. More and more job searchers are actively looking for green businesses while hunting for a new position. Making a real effort to reduce your environmental impact with a commercial solar installation can lead to a stronger pool of candidates and higher employee retention rates. 

Schedule Commercial Solar Installation in Boston 

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How Commercial Solar Energy Can Enhance Your Brand Equity

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