A 297-Panel Solar Energy System for MGM Music Hall at Fenway.

Dec. 06, 2022

The MGM Music Hall at Fenway is officially open for business! The 5,000-capacity indoor venue is roughly twice the size of the iconic House of Blues and is expected to become an epicenter for the performing arts in Massachusetts. 

The new MGM Music Hall at Fenway brings more jobs, music, arts, culture, and community to Boston, and it also brings greater sustainability. The venue will be powered by a 297-panel commercial solar energy system designed and installed by Boston Solar, a Proud Partner of the Boston Red Sox. 

A Multi-Section Solar Array Maximizes Rooftop Space at MGM Music Hall at Fenway 

The MGM Music Hall at Fenway presented an exciting opportunity for innovative solar engineering and Boston Solar stepped up to the challenge by maximizing the available space. The final design features 297 solar PV panels arranged in two sections on the venue’s roof, utilizing 8,963 square feet of space. 

Premium Hanwha 480 panels were chosen for the project due, in part, to their optimal size. These commercial solar panels are slightly larger than the average PV panel, allowing for greater output with fewer panels. 

The System Will Produce 158,766 kWh in Its First Year

The rooftop solar system at the MGM Music Hall at Fenway will allow the venue to produce much of its own power, minimizing its reliance on the Massachusetts electric grid. It will also provide solar benefits to nearby Fenway Park. We are optimistic that the collaboration between the MGM Music Hall at Fenway and the Red Sox ballpark will help pave the way for more creative and innovative use of solar energy in stadiums and entertainment venues throughout the country. 

The system is expected to produce 158,766 kWh of electricity in its first year. That’s the equivalent of 113 metric tons of C02 or: 

  • Carbon sequestered by 1,860 tree seedlings grown for ten years 
  • Carbon sequestered by 138 acres of us forests in one year 
  • Greenhouse gas emissions avoided by 38.3 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled 
  • 4,787 trash bags of waste recycled instead of landfilled 

Boston Solar Leads the Way for Commercial Solar Installation in Massachusetts 

Major commercial solar installations like the solar array at the MGM Music Hall at Fenway are essential to Massachusetts’ clean energy future. As a local Boston solar company, we’re proud to collaborate with other Massachusetts entities like the Boston Red Sox to bring clean, sustainable solar energy to our communities.  

Boston Solar has been empowering Massachusetts for over ten years and continues to drive clean energy installation forward in the Bay State. We are the leading commercial solar company in Boston and the go-to commercial solar panel and battery installer for developers and contractors throughout Massachusetts. 

Click here to watch our full video on the install: https://www.bostonsolar.us/solar-blog-resource-center/blog/mgm-music-hall-at-fenway-goes-solar/

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A 297-Panel Solar Energy System for MGM Music Hall at Fenway.

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