How Accurate Are Online Solar Calculators?

Apr. 23, 2019
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It can be tempting to do a quick google search to determine how much it will cost to install solar panels on your home or business. We hear from many Massachusetts homeowners after they have searched for things like “solar savings estimate”, “solar panels calculator” and “solar providers near me” about the projected prices and savings they see on popular savings calculators, estimates and review websites. And though these resources can be helpful in giving you a glimpse at what installing solar might look like for your Massachusetts home, they certainly don’t tell the whole story.  

Most third-party online solar resources, like Solar Reviews, use satellite map imaging and other collected data to give potential solar clients a view into what solar installation might look like and an average cost, but the reality is that no two homes are alike. The very best way to estimate the cost of solar panel installation and the related savings is to get a custom solar quote from a trusted solar contractor. And here in Massachusetts, you need not look any further than Boston Solar! Here’s why our free solar quotes are more accurate than anything you will find online.


A Home Is More Than Just A Roof

Satellite imaging technology is an extremely useful tool. But unfortunately, Google’s progressive tool for determining the viability of solar for homeowners all over the country, Project Sunroof, exclusively looks at the available square footage on a roof.  But that isn’t the only option for mounting solar photovoltaic (PV) panels! If your property has unshaded, unused space, the solar design and installation experts at Boston Solar can also install solar panels on the ground.

What’s more is that Project Sunroof only uses a projected 3D model of your home based on satellite images, which does not take into account the intricacies of your home’s construction. The angle and pitch of your roof, any existing chimneys or other structures, and your roofing material can all have an effect on the design of your custom solar PV system.

What is Your “Current” Energy Usage?

These resources do not always take into account the actual energy usage of your home or business. In order to design a system that is properly sized for your home, a solar contractor will take about a year’s worth of energy usage data in order to further customize your system.

Local Finances & Incentives

One of the most important reasons local expertise is key when partnering with a solar contractor is the access to locally offered incentives, rebates, and financing. With Boston Solar, we work with each and every customer from beginning to end to make sure they qualify for any and all available financial programs. This can include net metering, rebate specials offered by manufacturers, state offered incentives - like SMART, and of course, the 30% tax deduction offered by the Federal Investment Tax Credit*.

*2019 is the final year of the full 30% deduction for this Federal program. You can read all about this program here.


The Free (& accurate) Solar Quote From Boston Solar

The free solar quote from Boston Solar fills in the gaps left behind by these other online “quick fixes”. Instead of giving you a ballpark number based on average energy usage and solar panel pricing, our solar technicians will measure your actual energy needs, as well as the available sunlight and square footage to design a custom plan for your solar installation. From there, we will work with you to determine the best financial solution, reducing the cost of your solar installation as much as possible.

Our mission of providing accurate solar quotes is backed by our 10-year solar Production Guarantee. If your system does not produce the energy we say it will, we will make it right! We also provide a 25-year system warranty, giving you peace of mind that your newly installed solar PV system will provide decades of benefits, like:

  • Reduced reliance on the power grid

  • Savings on your monthly energy bill

  • Smaller carbon footprint

  • Increased home value

We’re not here to sell you something you don’t need. That is why an accurate solar quote is so important for you as a homeowner, and for us as the number one Massachusetts based solar installer.

So what do you have to lose? If you live in Massachusetts’ North Shore, Metro West, the Greater Boston Area, South Shore, or Central Mass, schedule a free solar quote with the experts at Boston Solar today!


Don’t let online solar calculators fool you - they don’t tell the whole story! Get a free, custom, accurate solar quote from Boston Solar today. Call us at 617-858-1645 or contact us.

How Accurate Are Online Solar Calculators?

Is solar right for your home or business? Boston Solar can help you decide!

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