Common Mistakes That Increase Your Summer Energy Bill

Jun. 04, 2021

Do your electric bills spike every summer no matter how hard you try to conserve electricity? You’re not alone—many Massachusetts homeowners deal with high summer electricity bills. 

Luckily, if you’re wondering why your electric bill is so high, there are plenty of energy-saving tips you can follow to keep energy costs in check this summer. At Boston Solar, we’re always trying to help homeowners reduce their energy consumption and save money on electricity. Here are some of the most common mistakes we see homeowners make that increase their energy costs:  


  1. Setting the AC Too Low 

It’s tempting to set the AC as low as it can go, especially on those scorching summer afternoons. But you likely won’t feel much of a difference between a few degrees, and setting your AC just a little bit higher could help you cut your energy costs significantly. According to, you can save as much as 10% a year on cooling costs just by setting your air conditioner 7-10% higher than its usual setting for eight hours a day. That’s about 1% in savings for every degree you turn it up. 


  1. Using a Nonprogrammable Thermostat 

If you’re not using a programmable thermostat, you should be! Smart thermostats can be programmed to automatically raise and lower temperatures at certain times throughout the day to help you avoid wasting energy on air conditioning when you don’t need it.

Smart thermostats can also be controlled with a smartphone, so you can shut your AC off from anywhere if you forget to do so before leaving for work or going away on vacation. Some smart thermostats will even learn from your behaviors and automatically adjust to the most efficient settings for your comfort preferences.


  1. Relying Solely on AC

Remember that air conditioning isn’t the only way to stay cool this summer—you can also make use of your ceiling fans or plug in standalone fans. Fans use much less electricity than AC does, and while they won’t actually change the temperature in your home, they will help you feel cooler, reducing the need for air conditioning.   


  1. Neglecting AC Maintenance 

When was the last time your air conditioner was serviced? If it’s been more than a year, it’s time to schedule a tune-up. Keeping your air conditioning system well maintained will allow it to operate at maximum efficiency, saving you money. 

If your air conditioner is more than ten years old, you may also want to consider replacing it with a newer, more energy efficient model. Installing a high-performance cooling system like a heat pump or mini split could lead to much lower average summer electric bills. 


  1. Forgetting About Insulation and Air Sealing 

We all know how important insulation is during a freezing New England winter, but did you know that insulation and air sealing can also help keep your home cooler in the summer?

By installing the right type and amount of insulation and sealing up air leaks in your attic, basement, and exterior walls, you can minimize energy loss and make it easier for your home to contain the cooled air your AC creates. As a result, your AC won’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool, helping you save on energy costs. How do you know if your insulation and air sealing is less than to be desired? Schedule a Mass Save energy audit from Mass Energy Experts


Solar Energy Will Help You Save on Electricity Now and in the Future 

Making the switch to solar-powered energy is the best way to reduce your electricity costs now and keep them low in the future, but reducing your energy consumption before going solar can help you save on installation costs. By minimizing your energy consumption, you can reduce the number of solar panels and batteries you’ll need to meet your electricity needs, making your solar installation even more affordable. 

Here at Boston Solar, we guide our customers through every stage of the solar journey and can help you get your home ready for solar panels. To learn more about renewable energy, how solar panels lower electricity bills, and how you can best prepare your home for a solar installation, schedule a free consultation with Boston Solar. We’re the #1 MA-based solar installer and we’ve completed more than 4,500 solar installations. 

Wondering how to keep electric bills low? Solar panels are the answer! Call Boston Solar at 617-858-1645 or click here to schedule a free solar consultation.

Common Mistakes That Increase Your Summer Energy Bill

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