Powering A Mini Split With Solar Energy

Aug. 19, 2019

As a homeowner here in one of the most solar friendly states in the nation, there is no doubt you have seen some of your friends and neighbors install solar panels on their roofs or somewhere on their property to help offset their carbon emissions and energy costs. As you consider solar for your own home, are you worried your heating and cooling equipment may waste all of that renewable energy on an inefficient and outdated furnace or air conditioner?


A custom designed solar photovoltaic (PV) system installed by the #1 Massachusetts-based solar installers, Boston Solar, will provide your home with decades of free, clean, renewable energy. But that solar energy is only as good as the efficiency of the devices it is powering within your home — which is why Boston Solar has teamed up with N.E.T.R. Inc Heating and Cooling to combine the green electricity of solar with the energy efficient heating and cooling power of ductless mini splits!  


What Is A Mini Split?

Mini splits go by a few different names, like ductless mini split, air source heat pump, heat pump, or combining the terms as mini split heat pump. They have become increasingly popular heating and cooling appliance here in New England, since they provide both heating and cooling in a single two-unit device. Mini splits and mini split heat pumps provide hot and cold air directly to whatever room they are installed in, and are much more energy efficient than traditional forced air or central air systems that can fall prey to leaky and inefficient ductwork.


Going Ductless

As we mentioned, mini splits are two-unit devices. They are composed of an indoor air handler and an outdoor condensing unit. The two are connected using an airtight refrigerant line, which eliminates any loss of efficiency between the two units. You can install a mini split as a supplemental heating and cooling option for those harder-to-reach areas in your home or for rooms not serviced by your current ductwork. Or, you can connect multiple indoor air handlers to a single condensing unit for an energy efficient whole-home solution. 


Combining Solar Power & Mini Splits

The less energy your home requires on a day-to-day basis, the smaller the solar system you will need to install in order to offset your electricity usage. Since space heating and air conditioning can account for up to half of all of your energy usage, the more efficient your heating and cooling equipment are, the greater the savings you can see from your custom designed solar electric system!  That’s why it’s a great idea to combine a mini split heat pump with a solar PV system. 


Energy Efficient Living, By Design

There are a lot of things to think about when you are considering going solar here in Massachusetts. Which is why trusting a full-service solar contractor like Boston Solar will pay off for decades to come. Not only can the team at Boston Solar coordinate with your unique energy goals to design a solar PV system tailored to your year-round needs, we can also help reduce the energy your home requires to stay comfortable by connecting you with an affordable mini split system installation from the heating and cooling experts over at N.E.T.R. Inc. From choosing the right equipment to installing your solar panels with care and helping you save with rebates and incentives, the team at Boston Solar is with you from start to finish. 


Afraid your inefficient heating and cooling equipment will undermine your new solar panel installation? Boston Solar and NETR have a mini split solution just for you! Schedule your free solar quote by calling 617-858-1645 or contact us today.

Powering A Mini Split With Solar Energy

Is solar right for your home or business? Boston Solar can help you decide!

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