Can Solar Panels Power a Heat Pump?

Jun. 07, 2022

Interested in upgrading to a cleaner, more energy-efficient HVAC system for your home? Electric heat pumps offer benefits like:

  • Heating and cooling settings for a year-round HVAC solution
  • Higher energy efficiency than traditional heating and cooling systems (like air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, or electric resistance heating)
  • Variety of installation options (including whole-home ducted heat pumps and ductless mini-splits for individual rooms)
  • Runs entirely on electricity 

Can you run a heat pump with solar panels in Massachusetts? Yes—here are some things you should keep in mind if you’re thinking of making the switch!

What Does Solar Have to Do with Home Electrification? 

Replacing an inefficient HVAC system is a great way to lower energy use. For many Massachusetts homeowners, upgrading is also a way to electrify their homes and reduce or even eliminate the use of fossil fuels by replacing fuel-burning heating and cooling equipment with electric models that can be powered by solar panels. 

Using solar panels to power a heat pump—or any other electrification upgrade—has two main benefits:

  1. Any solar power your home uses is completely free, and the more your home is able to run off of your solar panels, the lower your electricity bills will be.
  2. Any electricity generated by your home’s solar panels is guaranteed to be clean energy—by comparison, more than 50% of grid-generated electricity in New England comes from fossil fuels. So even if your home is completely electrified, it can still be contributing to greenhouse gas emissions if it’s only using power from the grid.

How Many Solar Panels Will Run a Heat Pump?

The number of solar panels you’ll need to power a heat pump will depend on the size of the heat pump you install and how frequently you run it. Even though a heat pump is very energy efficient at heating and cooling your home, it can account for a significant portion of your home’s electrical load.

Boston Solar can help you determine how many solar panels you’ll need based on your home’s electrical usage. We’ll analyze your home’s current energy use and ask you about plans you may have for future upgrades that could affect how much power (and therefore how many solar panels) you’ll need for your home, including heat pump installation or EV charging.

The Benefits of Having Solar Battery Storage with a Heat Pump

Solar panels can power your heat pump, but if you don’t have solar battery storage, then you’ll only be able to use your solar energy to cool or heat your home during the day when the sun is out. Solar battery installation gives you greater flexibility to run a heat pump using free and clean solar electricity generated by your panels at night and on overcast days.

Maximize Your Home’s Heat Pump Installation with Solar Panels 

Boston Solar is the #1 home solar provider near you in Massachusetts, and we’re ready to help you combine solar and heat pump technology under one roof! Hear what our customers have to say about working with us, and talk to our team today about electrifying your home with heat pumps and how to best incorporate solar energy into your plans. We’ve installed over 5,000 solar energy systems and can help you make the best choice for your home. 

Want to power your heat pump with solar? Call 617-741-5185 or contact us here to schedule a solar consultation.

Can Solar Panels Power a Heat Pump?

Run your home’s heat pump with solar energy.
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