Can I Install Solar Myself?

May. 24, 2021

If you’re thinking about installing solar panels at your Massachusetts home, you may be wondering whether you could save a little money by going the DIY route. But while it’s possible to install your own solar panels, DIY solar installation has a lot of downsides, and the cost savings and paperwork aren’t usually worth the hassle and risks.  At Boston Solar, not only are we the leading solar installer based in Massachusetts with 4,500 projects and over 9 years of experience under our belt but we handle all the paperwork for you from building permits and interconnection and applying for your solar incentives, like SMART! 

Here’s why you should think twice before installing your own home solar system: 


Installing DIY Solar Panels Is Dangerous 

Simply put, installing DIY solar panels is dangerous. Not only will you have to get up on your roof while maneuvering heavy equipment to install your panels, but you’ll also have to do some serious electrical work. Without the proper training, experience, and equipment, you could end up getting badly injured while attempting a DIY residential solar installation. 


DIY Solar Can Damage Your Roof

Before installing solar panels, your roof needs to be inspected to ensure that it will be able to handle the weight of solar panels. Without professional guidance, you could cause serious damage to your home’s roof and end up having to spend more money on repairs than it would have cost to have your solar panels professionally installed. 


Poorly Designed Solar Systems Don’t Perform as Well 

Installation is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to using solar energy in Massachusetts—you also need to design the solar array. Professional solar companies know how to arrange your panels in order to maximize performance. Without a good design, you may end up with solar panels that don’t generate as much electricity as you thought they would. 


Installing Your Own Solar Panels Is a Lot of Work and Paperwork

When it comes down to it, learning how to install a solar system DIY is a lot of work. You’ll have to do plenty of research, compare products, consult with a roofer, pull permits, apply for SMART incentives, and have your system inspected by an electrician before it can be connected to the grid. 

Having a Massachusetts solar panel company install your system may cost more than doing it yourself, but you’ll end up saving a significant amount of time, energy, and stress. Plus, Boston Solar handles all the paperwork for you! Yes, that means applying for your solar permits, handling all the interconnection paperwork with the utility, and applying for your SMART incentives to help you earn money from your solar installation. 


Financing, Solar Incentive Programs, and Other Ways to Save 

Want to have your solar panels professionally installed and still save money? Boston Solar can help make your solar panel installation as affordable as possible. We can help you: 


Get the Most Out of Your Solar Panels with a Professional Installation

There are a lot of things to consider when going solar, and installation is perhaps the most important.  Here at Boston Solar, we’ve installed over 4,500 solar panel systems and we know how to get the job done right. Our solar specialist will design a custom solar energy system that maximizes your savings, and we’ll install it flawlessly at your home while making sure all permits and inspections are taken care of. And, we’ll back your system with a 25-year warranty and a production guarantee.

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Can I Install Solar Myself?

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