Answered: Do Solar Panels Work Well in Cold Weather?

Nov. 02, 2020
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The days are getting colder here in Massachusetts and homeowners are gearing up for the long slog of winter. There are definitely a few things that all New Englanders are going to be missing over the next few months that we know to be better when the weather’s warm, like grilling, spending time outdoors, and ice coffee (well that last one’s debatable). 

However, you might be surprised that solar is not one of them! For homeowners thinking about going solar and asking themselves, “Do solar panels work in cold weather?” the answer is that solar panels are actually more efficient in cooler temperatures than hotter! 

Here’s why solar panels work best in cold weather.


Why Do Solar Panels Work Best in Cold Weather?

Going back to solar 101, it isn’t the heat of the sun that makes solar panels work but rather sunlight hitting those reactive solar cells. So as long as your panels are getting sufficient sunlight, even during the winter months, your solar panels will be converting that sunlight into renewable energy to either be used in your home or sent back to the grid in exchange for net metering credits. 


Solar Panel Efficiency

Temperature is still a factor though in how efficient your solar panels will be at generating electricity. Over the last few decades, solar panels have increasingly become more and more efficient at producing electricity from the sun’s rays. The highest quality solar panels today are upwards of 25% efficient. So while solar panels are able to generate more electricity from the sun than ever before, the temperature still affects how solar panels work best. 


Solar Panel Performance in Colder Climates

What may come as a surprise is that solar panels start to lose efficiency at high temperatures. As temperatures rise above 77°F, the efficiency of solar panels to generate electricity starts to decline, which actually makes cold temperatures more productive for your solar energy system. So even with fewer daylight hours here in Massachusetts during winter, your solar panels will be working more efficiently to produce increased amounts of electricity for your home compared to hotter temperatures. Aren’t we lucky to live in New England! 


All Season Solar in Massachusetts

It is no wonder Massachusetts is a top state for solar power. With our long summer days and darker yet efficient winter months, solar performs well year-round for homeowners from Boston to the South Coast to Central Massachusetts, particularly with net metering that can help offset or eliminate electricity bills throughout the year.


Solar in the Winter

Winter is also a great time to install solar panels as the roofs are cooler for our technicians and there is little to no maintenance with solar panels and snow. We can upgrade your solar PV system with snow guards to avoid snow slides from when the snow melts off your panels. And, when the inevitable Nor’Easters hit and the power goes out, we have battery storage solutions to keep your home running during an outage. 


Solar Energy Is Affordable AND Efficient 

With all the incentives to installing solar panels here in Massachusetts from the federal solar tax credit, SMART payments, and net metering, going solar is as affordable as it is efficient for powering your home.

Boston Solar will custom design and size a solar PV system that’s right for your house, based on your energy needs so you can generate renewable energy all year long. We can also walk you through your solar financing options, including solar loans with $0 down and the Mass Solar Loan that finishes at the end of 2020!

Now that you know solar energy works well in cold weather, trust the #1 residential solar installer based in Massachusetts with more than 4,500 solar installations, Boston Solar, for your solar energy upgrade for your home.

Efficient and renewable energy during the winter? It’s possible in Massachusetts with solar. Get a free solar quote from Boston Solar. Call 617-858-1645 or contact us.

Answered: Do Solar Panels Work Well in Cold Weather?

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