Lowell Solar

We have installed 29 residential solar pv system(s) in Lowell which totals 166.76 kW. We have installed 1 commercial solar pv system(s) in Lowell which totals 18.48 kW.

SMART Incentives

Lowell's electric distribution company on file is National Grid (Massachusetts Electric). Records indicate that there are SMART incentives available. Contact Boston Solar about how to use SMART Incentives on your solar project.

You can learn more about other residential solar incentives here and you can learn more about other commercial solar incentives here.

National Grid (Massachusetts Electric) SMART Program Incentive Blocks

Small Project (<=25kW AC) Large Project (<=25kW AC)
Accepting Applications For Block 1-8 FULL 1-8 FULL
Current Block Size (MW) 16.134 1-8 FULL
Total Allocated Capacity (MW) 141.590 554.644
Total Pending Capacity (MW) 0.574 0.000
Total Remaining Capacity (MW) 1.871 0.000
Waiting List (MW) 0.00 0.00
Last updated October 7, 2021

Lowell Customer Reviews

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