Why You Should Dress as a Solar Panel for Halloween (and how to do it!)

Oct. 26, 2017

Posted: Thursday, 10/26/17 @ 3pm EST

Get in the Spirit of Halloweenergy!

It’s that time of year again! If you’re looking for some unique, creative and “green” ideas, a solar panel costume is a fun way to bring some renewable energy to the party and show off your #Energyween spirit!  “Energyween” is a week-long celebration of energy efficiency tips, tricks and treats, initiated by The Department of Energy to observe National Energy Awareness Month.  You can find more ways to participate in Energyween here.

DIY Solar Panel Costume in Four Easy Steps

Follow these four simple steps to make a solar panel costume:

What you’ll need:
-Dark blue or black cellophane
-Silver permanent marker
-Duct tape

Step 1: Cover cardboard with the cellophane
Step 2: Secure edges with duct tape
Step 3: Draw on your grid with the silver marker
Step 4: Tie string to each corner to hang over your shoulders

And you get extra kudos if you have a friend dress up as the sun. You and your family will be sure to spook away your high electric bills!

We hope everyone has a fun and safe Solar-ween!

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Why You Should Dress as a Solar Panel for Halloween (and how to do it!)

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