Why Choose Boston Solar - What Customers Have to Say

Aug. 24, 2017

Posted: Thursday, 8/24/17 @ 4pm EST

The decision to go solar takes most customers 1-2 years of discussions and research.  The internet is full of platforms for reviews, ratings and comments, with many choices.  How do you find the best option for your solar needs? Just listen to what our customers have to say.

Why Boston Solar

Boston Solar is dedicated to helping customers save money, while improving the environment and supporting our local community.  Every member of our team is focused on delivering the best experience.   Not only does Boston Solar offer the highest of quality products and customer service, but we offer the strongest warranty package for products, workmanship & production in Massachusetts at no additional cost to the customer.  To make it easier for you to choose the right company, let’s check out what a few of our customers recently told us.

Meet our Happy Customers

Carlton Jones

Meet Carlton Jones, a Massachusetts native that grew up surrounded by solar.   Carlton has always been interested in renewable energy - he grew up in a home that used a solar hot water heater in the 1970’s.  He and his family built their home in the 90s with a passive solar design.  Fast forward to today after having his solar panels installed by Boston Solar in February of 2017, Carlton is one of our happiest customers.   Prior to his decision to work with Boston Solar, Carlton thoroughly researched solar and local and national companies, including receiving three different quotes.  In the end, he found that Boston Solar had the best product offering as well as online reviews.   Carlton described our sales team as “reachable and approachable”, with their installation being two weeks ahead of schedule.    

Aside from his interest in solar, the financial benefits of going solar are very attractive in Massachusetts.  Carlton and his family were spending ~$2,800 per year on their electric bill.  Post installation, they have yet to pay an electric bill and netted -$220 in the past year.  Carlton says his decision to go solar was a “great investment - not only for the environment, but for your wallet.”  His favorite part? The return on investment - better than the stock market!

Ira Wiener

Meet Ira Wiener, sustainable-lifestyle-enthusiast.   Ira spent 1-2 years researching different solar options that were going to be best fit for his lifestyle.  After learning everything he possibly could about solar, Ira felt that Boston Solar was the best fit for his needs.  His experience with Boston Solar was “outstanding” and just like Carlton's experience, Boston Solar was able to deliver an install ahead of schedule.   Before Ira was hooked up to his solar grid, he was spending ~$110/month on his electric bill. Since his system was turned on, he has yet to pay an electric bill, with -$175 to spare.  Ira’s favorite part about going solar is being able to control his own electric future in his home and his sustainability, while making the world a cleaner place.  

Jay and Deb Arbo

Andover residents, Jay and Deb Arbo, had very high electric bills in the winter months and knew there had to be other options.  Just like Ira, Carlton and most of our customers, they did a lot of research.  They found that other companies had very pushy sales techniques - with the exception of Boston Solar.   Jay and Deb described our solar team as “professional” and “respectful” with an overall “great experience” - pretty awesome, right?  

When it comes to paying for solar energy, there’s a few different options to choose from (you can learn about the different solar energy finance and payment options in this blog post).  Jay and Deb decided to go with our financing program that has 0% interest.  They noticed the financial benefits immediately.  They went from paying an average $166/month to $10/year - An almost $2,000 per year savings.   Thank you Jay and Deb for your recommendation of Boston Solar - it was “top notch”!

Okay, you’ve got my attention. What’s Next?

Through research, and as Ira stated, most customers take about 1-2 years to actually go solar.  Solar does have an upfront investment, so it’s smart to do your research.  The financial benefits of going solar are tremendous in Massachusetts (with a full payback of 4-7 years), but will change in March 2018 - so now really is the time to go solar.

We hope that you can find much of that research on our website and through our blog. As Carlton mentioned, he took a look at our online reviews and testimonials. If you’d like to receive a free estimate for a solar panel installation, fill out the form on this page.  You’ll meet with one of our highly-trained, not pushy solar consultants and they can answer all your questions.

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Why Choose Boston Solar - What Customers Have to Say

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