Variables Affecting Solar Energy Production

Nov. 08, 2016
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Posted: Tuesday, 11/8/16 @ 10am EST

Updated: Thursday 5/2/19 @ 2:00 pm EST

The energy production of your solar system will be affected by a number of factors. Some are governed by choices while others by circumstance. Here’s a few we take into account:

How Shading Impacts Solar Production

Anything that blocks the sun from hitting the solar panels can impact energy production. Surrounding trees, chimneys, plumbing vents, and nearby structures need to be accounted for in the system installation and sizing. Note that as the seasons change, the sun’s path through the sky changes as well, which could lead to different obstructions.

How Roof Orientation Changes Solar Panel Production

Ideally, angled roofs will face south in order to catch the most sun over the course of the day. But even east-west oriented roofs can generate good output. Consult with one of our solar experts to find out how your home’s direction will affect its solar energy production.

Your Solar System Size 

The size of your system and the number of panels you should get will typically be based on your energy consumption, roof space availability, sun exposure, and budget. Boston Solar’s project managers can guide you in choosing the right size system to suit your situation. Whether you choose one large enough to supply all your energy needs or a smaller one for partial contribution, your electric bills will go down and your savings go up. 

The Structure Of Your Roof Can Impact Solar Power Production

Valleys and gables on a roof can present challenges to installation. Ideally there will be at least one section with a uniform flat surface to accommodate the spread of solar panels. You can also choose to ground mount a solar PV system on your property if your roof poses too many challenges for optimal solar production!

Whatever the scenario, we will do a careful analysis of your home and all the variables that might affect its solar production. At no cost to you, our engineers will design a system catered to your situation and energy needs. You will get an accurate estimate of what energy production to expect before signing any contracts or paying any money. We want you to be informed when deciding on solar and satisfied when living on it. At Boston Solar, we stand behind our work, and we offer our solar customers a Production Guarantee. We guarantee your system’s energy production or we will pay you the difference (updated April 16, 2019).


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Variables Affecting Solar Energy Production

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