The Safety of Solar Panels

Jan. 13, 2020

If you have been watching the local news, you may have heard about some reports of solar panel fires here in Massachusetts. This has some homeowners second guessing the safety of solar panels on the roof and worrying that the solar power system they were planning to install or have installed could catch fire. 


As the solar industry has grown in recent years, unfortunately so has the number of sub-par solar companies looking to make a quick buck. Here is what you should know about the safety of solar panels, and how you can best avoid the risk of fire with proper installation of your new solar PV system for your home


Can Solar Panels Cause House Fires?

When you have solar panels installed on your roof, there are a series of wires and electrical equipment running from your solar panels to the solar inverter, which is usually installed somewhere safe and dry (like in the garage). While it is true that introducing these electrical components also introduces a risk of fire, that risk is extremely minimal when the proper precautions are taken.


Consulting the Fire Protection Engineering Professor, Milosh Puchovsky

When asked what was behind the recent roof fires in relation to solar panels, Worcester Polytechnic Institute professor of fire protection engineering, Milosh Puchovsky, directed skeptical homeowners to the importance of proper installation and ongoing maintenance. 


How Often Do Solar Panels Catch on Fire?

In short, the answer is: rarely. When a system of solar panels is installed correctly by licensed contractors, and properly operated and maintained over its lifespan, any component that could potentially catch fire will be removed and replaced. 


To put it into perspective: In Boston Solar’s 8+ years of designing and installing over 4,000 solar energy systems, we have not had a single incident of solar panels leading to a fire concern throughout the North Shore, Metro West, Greater Boston Area, South Shore, Central Mass, and Western Mass.


The Best Way To Avoid Solar Panel Fires: A Trusted Contractor

We maintain a thorough standard operating procedure with each installation project, compliant with all state regulations - including the one-to-one ratio for every non-licensed electrician, a licensed electrician is required, and have even provided our customers with a detailed consumer protection guide when it comes to procuring a future in residential renewable energy. Our team is dedicated to working right alongside you and your solar energy goals, from start to finish, and beyond. 


If you have solar panel safety concerns during the design process, such as if a pathway is required by the fire code (it’s not), we are here to answer your questions. If you are later worried some of the components of your solar system have been damaged after a weather event or construction project, we will provide a thorough inspection and make sure your system is operating as safely as possible. At Boston Solar, we did not become the number one Massachusetts based solar installer by abandoning our customers after installation — we are your solar partner for the life of your system!


Concerned about the safety of rooftop solar panels? Put your mind at ease — Boston Solar is here to answer all of your questions. Schedule a free solar quote today by calling 617-858-1645 or get in touch here.


The Safety of Solar Panels

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