Steps to Going Solar

May. 10, 2018

Posted: Wednesday, 5/10/18 @ 8am EST

Steps to Going Solar

Interested in going solar but not quite sure where to start? We broke the process down into seven simple steps, so you can spend less time researching the process and more time going solar!


Going Solar in 7 Steps


Step 1: No-cost Information Visit

One of our Solar Consultants will come to your home and evaluate your solar needs. They will analyze your electric bill and explain how solar works, along with all of the financial incentives of going solar.


Step 2: Design

Once we understand your specific needs, preferences and details of your home, our experienced PV design team will create a custom solar solution.


Step 3: Permitting

Your dedicated Customer Experience Coordinator will pull all necessary permits for your solar installation. Once the permits are approved by the town, your Coordinator will call you to schedule your solar installation and set up your solar incentive account.


Step 4: Installation

Our in-house team of experienced and professional solar installers will install your system.


Step 5: Inspection & Commissioning

Boston Solar performs a quality control review and attends your local building department inspections. Your electric utility swaps out your electrical meter and gives permission to operate (PTO). Your Coordinator will call you to schedule our Solar Commissioner to test and turn on your system.


Step 6: Referral Program

Share the perks of going solar! Refer friends and family to Boston Solar and receive up to $525 per contact.


Step 7: Savings!

Now it’s time to sit back, relax and watch your electric bills go down and your solar savings go up!


Take Advantage of Our Installation Guarantee

A quick reminder — Boston Solar’s installation guarantee will end May 31st, 2018! To secure your installation under the current attractive solar incentive program, book your first appointment with us today.


Considering solar for your home? Call (617) 858-1645, contact us, or fill out the form on this page to start with step one of the solar process!


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Steps to Going Solar

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