Solarize Mass Plus Comes to the North Shore

Nov. 07, 2019
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The Solarize Mass Plus program has been helping customers all over the state by providing homeowners with resources and impressive savings on solar installation and renewable energy upgrades. But there is something special about the Solarize Mass Plus program here in Salem, Swampscott, and Nahant — and it is that Boston Solar is now the exclusive solar photovoltaic (PV) installer for this program on the North Shore!


If you are new to the Solarize Mass Plus program, here is what you need to know about how you can save on your solar PV installation costs and get the most out of your solar panel and renewable energy investment.


What Is the Solarize Mass Plus North Shore Program?

If we could sum up the Solarize Mass Plus program into a singular goal, it is to help Massachusetts homeowners reduce their energy use. This is done through program-exclusive discounts, as well as making sure the program’s vetted contractors are armed with the right additional rebates and incentives to increase project savings. 


It is a cooperative effort, bringing in government agencies (like MassCEC and the Department of Energy Resources), small businesses, volunteers, and even your friends and neighbors to meet the energy efficiency goals of tomorrow. If you have been looking for solar PV installers near you, or have been researching what solar PV panels cost to install on your North Shore home, make sure you understand what savings await when you partner with Boston Solar and the Solarize Mass Plus North Shore program!


Saving with Solarize Mass

The first step to savings is to fill out the form on this page. Let us know that you are interested in solar panels, and we will pair you with a solar installation expert who will help you to determine your home’s renewable energy needs with a solar quote. This will take into account your current and historical energy usage, as well as your future energy goals. After that, you will receive a quote outlining the cost of your new solar PV system at a discounted rate — this price comes in at an average of 21% less than recent program results in other Massachusetts communities — as well as any additional savings provided by solar incentives like the Federal Solar Tax Credit, SMART and net metering.


Save on More than Just Solar

Though solar installation is our fortè here at Boston Solar, there are other ways to save money and energy with the Solarize Mass Plus North Shore program. The full program offers discounted rates, rebates, and incentives for:

  • Solar photovoltaic panels

  • Solar hot water

  • Air source heat pumps

Combining energy efficient home comfort devices with a custom designed solar PV system reduces the initial cost of installation since your home will require less energy. During your solar quote process, one of our Boston Solar experts can walk you through your options for reducing your home energy usage, which will reduce the number of solar panels required to meet your energy goals. 


Want to Know More? Come to a Solarize Mass Program Event 

If you live in Swampscott, Nahant, or Salem, MA, there is a Solarize Mass event coming up near you. Upcoming events include:


  • The Swampscott Energy Fair — Nov. 12, 6:30 PM

  • Salem’s Meet the Installers Night — Dec. 9th, 6:00 PM

  • Salem Craft Fair — Dec. 7th, 10:00 AM


Hurry and Save, Before April 30, 2020

The sun will set on these impressive savings. So if you are looking to experience the long list of benefits from powering your home with solar energy, now is the time to start. As long as you sign your contracts by April 30, 2020, you will still qualify for the savings of the Solarize Mass Plus program here on the North Shore. But give yourself some time to make the right decision for you and your home, and start the process now! By partnering with a trusted solar contractor like Boston Solar, you can experience decades of solar benefits, such as:

  • A reduced carbon footprint

  • Financial returns from the SMART Program

  • Greatly reduced energy costs

  • Increased home resale value

...and more! Get in touch with Boston Solar today, and save the maximum on the cost of solar panels and your commercial or residential solar installation.


As the exclusive Solarize Mass Plus North Shore solar PV installer, call Boston Solar at 617-858-1645 or contact us here to learn how you can get special, limited-time discounts on your solar installation.


Solarize Mass Plus Comes to the North Shore

Is solar right for your home or business? Boston Solar can help you decide!

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