ITC Ruling Already Impacting Solar Panel Price and Availability

Oct. 23, 2017

Posted: Monday, 10/23/17 @ 8am EST

In our latest blog post, we discussed the details of the Suniva Trade Case.  As a recap, the International Trade Commission (ITC) determined that imported solar panels have caused injury to U.S. solar panel manufacturers, which could mean significant increases in solar panel system prices plus additional time until you break even on your solar investment.    

The Situation

The solar industry is already seeing an increase in panel pricing due to ITC ruling, which has led to a shortage of pre-tariff panels available for consumers.  Even Mass Solarize programs, which typically offer fixed pricing for consumers, have been affected as evidenced by a recent press release by Solarize LSW (Lincoln - Sudbury - Wayland).

The Solution

NOW is the time go solar! Boston Solar is currently offering solar panel systems at pre-tariff pricing.  We have planned accordingly, ensuring that we currently have good availability of high-quality panels (while supplies last!) for future projects, including consumers left out of solarized programs.

We continue to urge individuals interested in going solar to get a free estimate and talk with one of our experienced solar consultants.  If we haven’t said it enough, NOW is the time to go solar!

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ITC Ruling Already Impacting Solar Panel Price and Availability

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