How Big Are Solar Panels?

Feb. 10, 2022

Understanding Solar Panel Size & Weight

Solar panels are becoming increasingly common here in Massachusetts, and you’ve probably seen them on a few houses in your neighborhood. When you’re standing on the ground and looking up at the roof of a home with solar panels, however, it can be hard to tell how big the panels are. 

Solar panel size and weight are important considerations when deciding to install a PV system at your home or business. Today, we’re going to break down standard solar panel sizing so that you’ll know what to expect when planning your solar installation. 


Average Solar Panel Dimensions 

Solar panel dimensions vary depending on the manufacturer, but most PV panels are roughly the same size. 

On average, residential solar PV panels are between 65-75 inches long and 40 inches wide. Commercial solar panels tend to be slightly larger. This is because residential solar panels are designed to be installed on residential rooftops where space is limited, while commercial solar panels are crafted for installation on much larger spaces. 

In addition to being physically larger, commercial solar panels have more cells than residential panels. A typical residential solar panel will contain around 60-65 cells, whereas commercial solar panels may have 70 or more. This is because commercial installations require more electricity than a single home, and the more cells a panel has, the more solar power it can capture. 


Average Solar Panel Weight 

When it comes to designing a solar PV system that will fit on your roof, panel size is incredibly important—but weight matters even more. If the panels are too heavy, roof damage is likely to occur. In order to prevent this, it’s important to understand solar panel weight when installing a PV system. You should also have your roof inspected to ensure it can support the weight of your panels and mounting equipment. 

As with size, solar panel weight varies slightly from one manufacturer to the next, but most residential solar panels weigh between 40 and 45 pounds. Because of their larger size, commercial solar panels tend to be heavier than residential panels. 


Maximize Roof Space with a Custom Solar System Design 

When a home solar company is installing solar panels on a rooftop, every inch of space matters. Because of size constraints and other obstacles, the panels need to be methodically arranged to fit within the available space. 

Boston Solar maximizes roof space with every installation by designing custom solar energy systems. Our expert team will evaluate your roof’s layout and determine the ideal placement for each panel in your system, making the most efficient use of the space you have available and ensuring optimal energy production so that you can enjoy all the benefits of solar: 

Our custom solar installations have helped us build a reputation as one of the best solar companies in Massachusetts, and we’re proud to help our customers get the most out of their investment in solar panels. We’ve installed more than 4,800 systems and are the solar company Boston homeowners and businesses count on for expert solar advice.  

Install a custom solar system at your home or business. Call 617-858-1645 or contact us to get started. 

How Big Are Solar Panels?

Maximize roof space with a custom solar panel system.  
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