Get To Know The Boston Solar Customer Experience Team

Aug. 26, 2020

Here at Boston Solar, we could have the best solar designers, electricians, and installation techs the world has to offer (and we believe we do!)—but our customer experience team is what makes us the number one Massachusetts based solar installer. 

When homeowners and business owners call us to ask about how to go about installing solar, or have questions about the process after it has started, or are dealing with an issue with their solar panels after the system has been activated, our customer experience team handles it all. They are the epitome of our mission here at Boston Solar, to help customers save money while improving the environment and supporting our local community.

We thought you might want to get to know some of the people you will be talking to when you call Boston Solar to begin your journey to solar installation, so read on to learn things like Olivia’s rescue dogs or the thing that surprises most homeowners about solar when they talk to Tom. 

Meet the Team

Stefan - Customer Experience Team Manager

  • 4.5 years at Boston Solar 

  • As one of the first Customer Experience members along with Mali, Stefan coordinates the needs and responsibilities of the Customer Experience Team across the other departments at Boston Solar. He works to continually improve processes and efficiencies for Boston Solar’s customer experience. 

  • What Stefan loves about solar: Being on the forefront of the growing solar industry

  • Celtics and New England Revolution fan who is always on the lookout for the best Ramen restaurants in the area. Future Corgi owner. 


Mali - Senior Customer Experience Coordinator 

  • 4 years at Boston Solar 

  • Mali helped create the Customer Experience Team and was one of the very first members of the team along with Stefan. 

  • What Mali loves about solar: Concept of making that giant ball in the sky work for us to save money and our carbon footprint. 

  • Red Sox fan all the way with a love of movie scores. Future dog owner who will take their adventurous pup out to Western Mass around the Mohawk Trail. 


Tom - Solar Commissioner

  • 5 years at Boston Solar

  • Will help troubleshoot your system monitoring and gives every customer a final walk-through of their newly installed system. If you’ve got a problem with your system after we turn it on, Tom is your guy!

  • What Tom loves about solar: Solar provides energy independence, lowers pollution costs, slows climate change, and is a job creator. 

  • Boston Red Sox & BU Hockey Fan. When he’s not helping customers with their systems, you’ll find Tom biking, hiking, swimming or fishing in the outdoors of Massachusetts. 


Olivia - Customer Experience Coordinator

  • 7 months at Boston Solar 

  • Will answer any of your solar questions! 

  • What Olivia loves about solar: Seeing solar be such a cost saver for customers. 

  • A Boston Bruins fan with a hermit crab and 3 rescue dogs: Rocky, Harli and Houston. Olivia gets away to the Cape and Martha’s Vineyard every summer. 


Chris - Customer Experience Coordinator

  • 1 month at Boston Solar 

  • If you have questions about the solar installation process, or how to get started on your journey to solar installation, Chris can help you get the process started (in fact, he wants to do it himself in the future)!

  • What Chris loves about solar: Households can generate their own electricity without fossil fuels! 

  • Another Boston Bruins Fan. You’ll also find Chris listening to the latest theatre and musical soundtracks on repeat. Hopeful future cat owner who loves Red’s and Flying Saucer Pizza in Salem. 


Customer Experience Team’s Experience At Boston Solar


What brought you to Boston Solar, and more importantly, what is keeping you here?

  • Chris - I’ve known about Boston Solar for a while and when I happened to connect with some members of the team, I had a positive connection with each person I met. These people who now manage the day-to-day operations around me, from Sales to Customer Experience to Design & Engineering, have all been nothing but professional and friendly to work with.

  • Olivia - I was originally drawn to Boston Solar because of my passion for sustainability. After being here for a short while, the drive, commitment, and work ethic of my team are what made me want to stick around.

  • Tom -  I want to work for the best: I was previously employed by a large solar general contractor. We would subcontract work out to 9-13 installing partners. During my customer walkthroughs with that employer, I could see up close the workmanship. I felt, and still feel, Boston Solar has the best workmanship and customer service.

  • Mali - Made a change in career path and went from being a Medical Office Administrator to working in clean energy.  The Boston Solar job opening came around at exactly the right time.

  • Stefan - I love the work I do and my team has always been super supportive. 


What’s the best part about working at Boston Solar? 

  • Mali - Being able to help folks go green with clean, sustainable energy that makes sense, definitely doing good work for the environment, and being able to be myself in relation to my customers.  Every conversation is “real talk” instead of the robotic customer service you might get from another company.

  • Stefan - Knowing that our work is making a positive impact both financially for our customers and environmentally for the planet.

  • Tom - I enjoy seeing the excitement on customer’s faces as they navigate their new monitoring system and can visualize their production and savings. Similarly, when they can see the new meter “spin” backward

  • Olivia - It feels good to know that there are so many people committed to make this world a more sustainable place, and I feel lucky that I get to help them achieve that.


What's one thing most homeowners are surprised to learn about solar? 

  • Stefan - That solar is not as intimidating as it may appear from the outside. While getting a system designed, built, and activated is a complex process with many different entities involved, we seek to streamline and simplify the process to do all the heavy lifting on our end.  What’s left for our customers is to simply enjoy the benefits of the system after activation!

  • Tom - The solar panels power the home loads first before going out to the grid. Most folks think the solar goes to the grid first.

  • Chris - When any excess power is produced that you don’t use, you get compensated to send it back to the grid in a process called net metering. Most people are surprised to hear that their system can accumulate bill credits that they can use in lower-sunlight times of the year, such as wintertime!


Best customer experience story: 

  • Tom -I received a voicemail from a customer that needed help with a problem with the system over the weekend. After returning the call, he had accrued a $2,000 credit on his electric bill, and he needed help distributing it to his friend’s National Grid account. That is a phone call I like to receive! 


How has your job adapted during the pandemic? 

  • Olivia - The pandemic brought me closer with many of my customers because to know we are all going through something together creates a sense of solidarity. 

  • Tom - There has been an increase in over-the-phone visits, since some customers have been preferring phone calls rather than in-person visits. When I’m in the home, I follow all safety protocols. 

  • Chris - I can’t really say there was much to adapt to, as I started right in the thick of it all. I’ve been coming into the office to receive direct training, but thankfully there are only a few of us and we’re spread out across the whole office.

  • Stefan - As with many others within and outside of Boston Solar, I am working remotely but the day to day is largely unchanged.  I am very grateful for the technological advances, especially around communication, that allow for remote work to be successful!  Mali - I’m the only member of my team that has been coming into the office since the state shut things down.  Our services were considered essential under the governor’s orders so we had to keep business moving.  I don’t have much space at home to work from there but since we needed someone in the office to handle paperwork and mail, it was good that I still had the opportunity to come in everyday….masked and lots of hand sanitizer have been the name of the game!


What makes Boston Solar different from other contractors in Mass?

  • Olivia - Boston Solar prioritizes the needs and wants of their customer above all else, while maintaining a commitment to educate and help others see the possibilities of solar energy.

  • Mali -The fact that we keep everything in-house and don’t subcontract our work elsewhere.  This keeps us accountable to our customers and ensures we’re doing the work right the first time around.

  • Chris - We are one of the few contractors that offers a production guarantee, meaning that if your system doesn’t produce as much power as it should, you’ll be reimbursed. It’s nice going into the process having that peace of mind. 

  • Stefan - Every project we work on is personal for us – while we are larger than many smaller local installers and install hundreds of systems per year, we never lose sight of the fact that each project is unique and there is an individual behind each system.  Our focus on quality and customer service is second to none.

Ready to start your journey to installing solar? Call Boston Solar at 617-858-1645 or get in touch here.

Get To Know The Boston Solar Customer Experience Team

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