Environmental Benefits of Going Solar

Apr. 19, 2018

Posted: Thursday, 4/19/2018 @ 4pm EST

Updated: Friday, 5/11/2018 @ 3pm EST

Environmental Benefits of Going Solar

As Boston Solar celebrates Earth Day, we wanted to take a minute to remind everyone why going solar is great for the environment and the Earth we live on.

Clean Energy with No Harmful Side-Effects

Solar energy is clean, renewable power from the sun.  As your solar energy system converts free solar power to usable electricity, there is no pollution and no harmful side-effects. Here’s a look at how much your system will save in carbon emissions over the course of 25 years:


Going Green in More Ways Than One

The savings you see in your wallet after going solar aren’t the only thing that’s green! Although we talk a lot about the financial benefits of going solar, the environmental benefits — such as greater energy independence and a reduced carbon footprint — are priceless.

Take Advantage of Our Installation Guarantee

A quick reminder — Boston Solar’s installation guarantee will end May 31st, 2018! To secure your installation under the current attractive solar incentive program and start reducing your carbon footprint, book your first appointment with us today.

Ready to experience the many environmental benefits of solar? Call (617) 858-1645 or contact us to schedule a free solar consultation!

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Environmental Benefits of Going Solar

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