Energy Saving Tips to Reduce Your Winter Heating Bills

Nov. 12, 2019

Are you wondering how to reduce your heating costs this winter? Whether it’s using renewable solar energy to power your home and charge your electric vehicle, or reducing the energy you use to keep your home comfortable throughout the year, the team at Boston Solar is all about helping homeowners in Massachusetts increase their energy efficiency. So how can you keep your home warm this year while saving on your heating bills?

Here are our best energy saving tips you can implement before the New England snow starts to fall and the temperatures get closer to zero. 


Schedule Furnace Maintenance

If you were preparing to run a marathon, you’d want to make sure your running shoes were in the perfect shape to go the distance. The same goes for your furnace or boiler! A New England winter is much like a marathon, and if you are looking to avoid a mid-winter furnace breakdown, make sure to replace your air filters and schedule your annual furnace maintenance. An added benefit of properly maintaining your heating system is lower monthly heating costs, and if you have installed solar panels on your home this means more of your renewable energy can be utilized in other areas. 


Install a Programmable Thermostat

Did you know that according to the energy efficiency experts at ENERGY STAR, you can save up to $180 per year by properly using a programmable thermostat? By upgrading the device that controls your heating and cooling system, you can set your indoor temperatures to a weekly schedule. 

Is everyone out of the house from 8 AM to 3 PM on weekdays? Set your thermostat to turn down the heat during that time. This not only reduces the energy your heating system uses, but it also cuts down on the wear and tear of your system!


Convert Your Fireplace

A crackly, warm fire may be the centerpiece of any cozy winter dream — but unfortunately, a wood fire isn’t a particularly efficient way to heat your home. Chimneys are often riddled with air gaps and cracks that allow outside air to seep into your home, undermining your comfort while raising your average heating bill. Plus, both gas and wood fireplaces can introduce unwanted particulate matter into your breathing air, causing health issues for you and your family.


In short, fireplaces may tug at our heartstrings, but in some instances, they can do more harm than good to your carbon footprint, energy efficiency, and home comfort. Consider sealing up your fireplace and supplementing your existing heating system with an energy efficient mini split heat pump


Schedule a No Cost Home Energy Assessment

If you really want to know how to keep your heating bill as low as possible, the answer lies in your overall home performance. Your home is made up of an interconnected series of systems that all contribute to the efficiency of your home. Scheduling a home energy assessment, also known as an energy audit, with a home performance contractor will uncover any and all of the issues that are undermining your home comfort and heating costs. 


Saving with the Mass Save Program

Did you know there are valuable rebates available for Massachusetts homeowners looking to upgrade the efficiency of their homes? When you schedule a no cost home energy assessment from Mass Energy Experts, you will not only gain the insights you need to make the right choices for your home improvements, you can also qualify for some big savings in the form of rebates and incentives from the Mass Save program, such as:

  • 75% to 100% off insulation upgrades

  • Free LED replacement

  • Heating and cooling equipment rebates ranging from $100 to $2,750!

  • Rebates for washers and dryers

  • Continuing rewards for using smart thermostats

  • 0% interest HEAT loans for energy efficiency improvements


Reduce Energy Use & Reduce Solar Installation Costs

Have you been wondering how much solar panels save on electricity bills? The further you can reduce your home energy usage, the greater your monthly energy savings and the less you will have to spend on your solar installation costs. So if you are looking to stay warm without fretting the unpredictable cost of electricity each year, talk to the number one Massachusetts based solar installers at Boston Solar. Our team will make sure you are armed with all of the knowledge and resources you need to harness the renewable energy of solar power in your own home. 


Solar energy can reduce your energy costs, even in the throes of another New England winter. Want to learn more? Schedule a free solar quote with Boston Solar by calling 617-858-1645 or get in touch here.

Energy Saving Tips to Reduce Your Winter Heating Bills

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