Don’t Miss Out on the Extra Benefits of Going Solar in the Summer

Jun. 16, 2023

Solar panels work all year round to provide clean and affordable electricity to your home, and any time is a good time to install a solar energy system. But installing home solar panels in the summer has additional benefits that you don’t want to miss out on! 

Solar Works Best in the Summer!  

Solar panels work by converting sunlight into electricity. It can be helpful to think about sunlight as the fuel solar panels use to produce electricity. The more sunlight there is, the more fuel your solar panels have and the more electricity they can produce. 

During the summer, when the days are long and bright, your solar panels have a lot of fuel. They are able to produce more electricity for a longer period of time, resulting in greater electric bill savings for you. 

Solar panels don’t need direct sunlight to work and they will produce electricity all year round, even in the winter. But solar does work better in the summer due to the longer, sunnier days. 

Rack Up Net Metering Credits While Solar Production Is High  

Net metering is a solar incentive system that some utility companies offer. Under a net metering agreement, you can export any excess electricity your solar panels generate to the electric grid. Your utility company will credit your account for the power you send it. Your credits accumulate over time and when your solar panels are not producing enough electricity, you can use them to offset the cost of the electricity you buy from the grid. 

During the summer, your solar panels will produce a lot of electricity—almost certainly more than you can use. You can take advantage of this excess generation by sending it to the grid and racking up your net metering credits. In the winter, when there is less sunlight and your solar panels are not producing as much power, you will have a stockpile of credit you can use to buy power from the grid. 

Net metering is not available in every state, but Massachusetts and New Hampshire both offer net metering programs. In Massachusetts, you will be credited at the full retail rate for the power you send to the grid. In New Hampshire, you will be credited at a slightly reduced rate. 

Offset High Summer AC Costs with Solar Power 

It takes a lot of electricity to keep your house air-conditioned during the summer. Solar panels can power your air conditioner or heat pump, helping you save money on expensive summer air conditioning bills. 

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Don’t Miss Out on the Extra Benefits of Going Solar in the Summer

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