Can Solar Lower My Summer Energy Bills?

Jul. 12, 2019

Summer in New England has many Massachusetts homeowners asking themselves how to save money while using air conditioning. It’s a daily dilemma we all face when the temperatures and humidity hit their summer peaks — do you suffer through the oppressive heat and save some dough, or do you set the thermostat to “cool” and pay for it when the energy bill comes at the end of the month? Fortunately for Massachusetts homeowners who are considering going solar with their home energy, there are many ways that the professional installation of solar panels on your home can help reduce or eliminate your summer energy bills, and keep your home nice and cool!


The Key to Summer Solar Energy

Long lasting sunshine is one of the defining characteristics of summer. So it should come as no surprise, summer brings more renewable clean energy to homes with solar panels installed on their roof or property. For those wondering if solar panels can actually lower their summer energy bills, the answer is YES — if your solar photovoltaic (PV) system is designed and installed correctly!

Your solar installation should be tailored to your home’s exact energy needs. No two homes are exactly alike, and no two energy bills will be exactly the same throughout the course of a year. At Boston Solar, we take careful measurements of your available solar panel mounting space — which could be on your roof or somewhere on the grounds of your property. We then match your energy needs with the climate and peak sun in your area, to design a solar PV system that will provide the maximum energy savings, year round!


Pro Energy Saving Tip: A Cooler Roof with Solar

It is easy to focus on the energy production of solar panels, and how they can offset the energy usage related to your air conditioner and other cooling equipment. But one added benefit to solar panel installation on your roof is that they can actually reduce the need to run that cooling equipment! Solar panels have been shown to reduce the temperature of your roof by up to 5ºF, which will reduce the amount of heat that infiltrates your home through your roof and attic.


Other Ways to Save with Solar This Summer:


Net Metering

If you are new to residential solar energy, you may not know about that using solar energy in your home can actually create a negative balance on your energy bill. This is through a program called net metering. A properly designed solar PV system will actually generate more energy than the typical home can use when the sun is at its peak. So where can all this excess energy go? Through net metering, that energy is sent back into the electricity grid in exchange for a credit on your energy bill. This rolls back your electricity meter, offsetting much of the electricity you use during the day. But again, how much you can save through net metering depends on the thoughtful design and careful installation of your solar panels!

Also, Boston Solar is a certified installer of Tesla Powerwall, for those looking to store all that excess energy for even greater energy savings and energy independence.  


SMART Incentives & the Solar Tax Credit

In addition to net metering, Massachusetts homeowners can also apply for lucrative incentives in the form of monthly payments from utility companies like Eversource, National Grid, or Unitil through the SMART Incentive Program. This statewide program is on a first-come, first-served basis, but there are still capacity blocks available if you hurry and schedule your solar installation!

Another time-sensitive incentive is the Federal Solar Tax Credit. This government sponsored program allows solar customers to deduct 30% of the total cost of their solar installation from what they owe on their federal taxes, for any solar PV system installed before the end of 2019. After this year, it drops to 26% in 2020 and the residential program will go away after 2021. 


The Boston Solar Production Guarantee

Your newly installed solar PV system will reduce your energy bill this summer, and for many summers to come — we guarantee it. The Boston Solar Production Guarantee gives you the peace of mind that you deserve, knowing that your solar panels will produce at 90% efficiency over the first ten years of your system or we will pay the difference! This is based on our Guaranteed Cumulative Production chart. The actual kWh of your production chart vary based on the size of your solar PV system, and customized to your needs.


Summer Solar Energy with the #1 Mass Based Solar Installer

When you are looking to reduce your Massachusetts summer energy bills, why wouldn’t you go with the solar installation contractor with over 3,900 installs under their belt in the last 8 years alone? Boston Solar is the #1 Massachusetts based solar installer, and we are here to bring your residential or commercial solar installation vision to life throughout the North and South Shore, and Central.



Stay cool for less this summer. Reduce your summer energy bills with a professional solar installation! Schedule your free quote today at 617-858-1645 or contact us.

Can Solar Lower My Summer Energy Bills?

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