Are Solar Panels Safe?

Sep. 03, 2019
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You probably already have a basic understanding of how solar panels work. The sun shines down on black or blue shiny panels on a roof, and those rays are converted into electricity for use in a  home or business. Solar energy is good for the environment and it reduces your overall energy costs. But how safe are solar panels?


We have been asked many a time here at Boston Solar if there are any safety concerns with installing solar panels, and as the number one Massachusetts-based residential solar installer, our answer is an emphatic “Yes”. We prioritize safe solar installation that will provide your home with clean, renewable, and sustainable energy for decades to come, and here’s why. 


Look for Experienced & Certified Local Solar Companies

Similar to any other electrical work done on your home, you wouldn’t want to hire an electrician that isn’t licensed and certified, would you? In Massachusetts, there are state regulations that state a solar contractor must have a one-to-one ratio for every non-licensed electrician, a licensed electrician is required. Some solar companies often try to cut corners by ignoring the rules and regulations of keeping licensed electricians on each and every job—especially if they do not have the local expertise to fully understand the local requirements. 


An experienced, well-reviewed, NABCEP-certified local solar contractor like Boston Solar adheres to the industry’s best practices for safe and compliant solar power installation in Massachusetts. In our over 4,000 solar installations in 8 years, we have carefully designed, tested, and improved our process of safely installing solar panels on the roofs and property of friends and neighbors from the greater Boston area all the way to the Pioneer Valley.  


Safe Solar Panel Installation

A residential solar photovoltaic (PV) system does not have any moving parts. So in a perfect world, once your solar PV system is safely installed, there should be no changes in the safety of your solar panels. This is why installation is such an integral part of solar panel electrical safety and preventing any solar panel fires or solar panel power surges.


At Boston Solar, we make sure that each solar installation has four technicians on the job. This ensures the quality of our work, while also cutting down on the time it takes to install solar panels. This quality work has earned us:


  • An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

  • An average 4.9 star rating from 368 Google reviews

  • A Guild Master Quality Award for solar installation


Plus, we have made the list of Solar Power World’s top 500 solar contractors since 2014 and we rank as the #1 residential rooftop solar contractor headquartered in Massachusetts! Our team knows that your solar PV system should last upwards of 25 years, and that successful solar starts with safe installation. 



Mitigating Safety Risks with a Second Set of Eyes

One of the biggest assets to a successful residential solar PV system is a financial incentive called net metering. But qualifying for net metering is also another safeguard against any solar panels risks. Once your solar installation is complete, your new solar electrical system will need to be inspected by your town or city before your standard electricity meter can be replaced with a bidirectional meter. This means you can rest easy knowing your new solar electric system has passed a third-party safety inspection, and that you are saving the maximum amount on your energy bill each month.


So “Are Solar Panels Dangerous?” No.

To conclude, solar panels installed with the best solar industry practices by certified, experienced local solar contractors pose no electrical dangers. If you are looking to add solar energy to your home’s power portfolio, it all begins with a free solar quote from the number one Massachusetts based residential solar installer, Boston Solar. 


Safe solar starts with safe installation. Schedule your free solar quote today with Boston Solar! Give us a call at 617-858-1645 or contact us.

Are Solar Panels Safe?

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