Another Trip Around The Sun — Boston Solar’s 2020 Highlights

Jan. 06, 2021
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Of the many things that happened (and didn’t happen) in 2020, perhaps the most common is the ritual of talking about how bad 2020 was. But why focus on the negative as we wind down another trip around the sun? Here at Boston Solar, we are happy to have made it through this unprecedented year alongside our customers across Massachusetts. 

These wins when it comes to solar installation in Massachusetts serve as our badges of honor and prove that homeowners have trusted us to (still) be the number one Massachusetts-based solar installation contractor in the state. Here’s what happened for us in 2020:


A Local Company Serving Local Homeowners & Businesses

We helped a total of 400 customers across 134 towns invest in solar energy, securing decades of energy savings and carbon footprint reductions. This breaks down to 393 homeowners and 7 businesses throughout all of Massachusetts in 2020! These installations included:

  • 19 solar battery storage systems

  • Systems ranging from 3.25kW all the way up to 314 kW

  • An average system size of 11.34kW

  • Total of 4,544 kW installed

This approximately adds up to a total of 39.8 million kWh of solar energy generated annually from systems installed in 2020! 


Serving Up Energy Savings

Every solar design and installation varies slightly, depending on the energy needs and design of the home. But if we take an average estimate of energy savings of $100 per month for each of our 393 residential solar installations, that adds up to an estimated first-year total savings of $471,600. 

And when you consider the 25+ year lifespan of these systems, and the inevitable increase in energy costs, the lifetime savings of these solar energy systems installed in 2020 could be as high as $11,790,000!

For commercial projects we installed in 2020, we estimate this will help businesses save $2.35 million over the lifetime of their solar energy system. 

Plus, homeowners and businesses are getting monthly incentive payments from the SMART program for their solar production. Between National Grid and Eversource customers, we estimate that we will have helped our customers receive $2.947 million in SMART solar incentives over the next 10 years!


Serving the Environment

Money isn't the only thing saved by solar energy. A single 10kW system is equal in carbon offset over its lifetime to planting a 42,000 square foot plot of trees. 

The total solar panels we have installed throughout the state in 2020 will have offset 168,128 tons of CO2 over the lifetime of the systems, equating to roughly 918,870 acres of forest!


Serving the Community

Non-profit organizations often operate on shoestring budgets, volunteer workforces, and deteriorating facilities. It is for these reasons that many churches, schools, and other community resources stand to benefit from solar. 

This year, thanks in part to Resonant Energy, we were able to help two churches - St John’s Episcopal Church in Westwood with a 17.98kW solar array and St Matthew’s United Methodist Church in Acton with a 31.2kW solar array.  We also helped install a solar energy system for one school, Epiphany School in Boston with a 26.18kW system.  

Solar energy helps to secure lower electricity and operating costs for these organizations, freeing up some of their budget for other programs and resources to serve our communities.


The Sun is Rising on 2021

Whether it has been helping you understand solar panel costs, providing a free solar quote, or helping you navigate the twists and turns of the SMART solar incentive program, we are honored to be one of the trusted solar companies in Massachusetts—but more importantly, we are proud to be a Massachusetts-based solar company. 

Start your solar journey this year with the number one Massachusetts-based solar installer, Boston Solar. 

Is this the year you go solar? Get started with a free solar quote by calling 617-858-1645 or get in touch here.


Another Trip Around The Sun — Boston Solar’s 2020 Highlights

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