Another Trip Around the Sun: Boston Solar’s 2018

Dec. 21, 2018

At Boston Solar, we take pride in making a real impact on renewable energy use in Massachusetts. We’ve installed solar energy systems all over the state ranging from 2.24kW all the way up to 103 kW in size, and we know that with every kW installed comes greater energy independence and decades of clean, renewable energy.

As another year draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the impact we had in 2018.


More Than 400 New Systems Installed

This year, we were able to install more than 400 solar PV systems. That includes both residential and commercial installations, with an average system size of 10 kW.

When you add this year’s solar installations to our total number of installations, our tally rises to a whopping 3,700 systems installed.


$1,000,000 in Electricity Savings

We estimate that, on average, each of our customers will save about $2,446 on their electricity bills in their first year after switching to renewable solar energy. With more than 400 solar electric systems installed this year, that comes to nearly $1,000,000 saved in electricity costs!

Electricity savings aren’t the only financial benefit our customers are seeing, either. We estimate that each of our customers receives about $1,541 in SREC and SMART incentive savings per year, plus an average of $12,002 from the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). That comes to a combined $13,543 in savings per customer during their first year of solar — or about $5,300,000 in savings for all of this year’s customers!


4.4 Million kWh of Renewable Energy

Our 400+ systems installed this year bring an additional 4 MW of solar power to the state of Massachusetts. That’s enough to generate an additional 4.4 million kWh of renewable energy per year!

With this year’s installations, our total kW installed to date comes to approximately 33,300 kW. That’s enough to generate more than 30 million kWh of clean electricity each year. That much electricity can power a car to travel around the world over 2,400 times — or about 900 million episodes of your favorite TV show!


137 Towns Covered

This year, we were able to install solar panels in 137 different cities and towns. New cities we hit for the first time this year include Belchertown, Brockton, Deerfield, Essex, Everett, Holbrook, Holland, Pembroke, Plainville, Springfield, Sutton, Wales, Ware, West Boylston, West Brookfield, West Newbury, Westport, and Wilbraham.

Including new cities, we’ve served a total of 213 cities here in Massachusetts over the past seven years.


Wider Reach in Our Community

We’ve been honored to partner with some incredible organizations this year.

Lucy’s Love Bus

Boston Solar was proud to donate $50 to Lucy's Love Bus for every system installed to provide massage therapy for children at Tufts Floating Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Woburn Boys & Girls Club

We are honored to have had a continued impact on the local Woburn Boys & Girls Club. In 2017, they constructed a new facility that has solar installed by Boston Solar. We donate annually to the club and run special promotions to members and their families who want to go solar.

Solar Strikes Out ALS

The focus of Solar Strikes Out ALS is to raise awareness and funds to support ALS research, as well as invaluable services for ALS patients and their families. Boston Solar, in conjunction with Team FrateTrain, a foundation to raise money for Pete Frates' ALS care, work together to raise money to benefit ALS research and Pete's care, which costs up to $100,000 per month.


60 Coffees & 75 Beers Bought

Did you happen to catch Ben at a local coffee shop or brewery this past November or December? We dropped hints about where Ben was all over Instagram and Twitter tagged #WheresBen and #MakeYourDay — and bought a coffee or beer for anyone who found him. So far, we’ve been able to buy 60 coffees and 75 beers for our friends here in Massachusetts!


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Another Trip Around the Sun: Boston Solar’s 2018

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