2017 Solar Year in Review

Jan. 11, 2018
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Published: Thursday, 1/11/18 @ 10am EST

Updated: Friday, 3/30/18 @ 1pm EST 

2017 was another year of innovation, growth and advancement in the solar industry.  Massachusetts alone grew solar installations by more than a third to meet 5.2% of its energy needs.  Let’s look at the major events from 2017 that are shaping solar in 2018:

Innovation: LG launched their 350/360 NeonR Solar panels, expanding their solar panel offering.  These solar panels have been a huge hit with Boston Solar’s customers.  Our customer’s love them because they have one of the highest efficiencies in the industry, offer a 25-year warranty and have attractive pricing. Want to learn more?  Fill out the form on this page and we’ll contact you to schedule an appointment with a solar consultant to go through all of our solar panel offerings!

Solar Panel Pricing: Solar panel prices fell approximately 11.2% in 2017, which means the cost of installing solar has gone down.  These days, you can have solar installed for less than $4/watt – over half of what it was 10 years ago.  We would hope that installation prices will continue to fall; however, there is some uncertainty because of a potential solar panel tariff (read below for more information).

Potential Tariffs: The International Trade Commission determined that imported solar cells and solar panels have caused “serious injury” to U.S. solar panel manufacturers.  The ITC suggested a reduced tariff, which will be reviewed by the White House in January.  Here at Boston Solar, we believe the future of solar remains “bright” as this tariff will hold a small effect on residential solar.  We have planned accordingly, ensuring that we currently have good availability of high-quality panels (while supplies last!). To read more about this tariff, click here.

Massachusetts Incentive Program: In 2018, the lucrative Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SRECs) II Program will be replaced by the new SMART program.  Although this program will still provide an attractive payback on solar, it will be approximately 40% less than that of the current program.  We urge anyone interested in solar to contact us today to discuss going solar.  We can set up a no-obligation consultation to go through all of your options, so you can make an informed financial decision about your energy future. Fill out the form on this page!

Boston Solar: Boston Solar has installed more solar than any other locally owned & operated Massachusetts-based solar installer; we reached over 3,300 installations this year (total for 2011-2017).  

Boston Solar’s installation guarantee under the current Massachusetts solar incentive program will end any day.   Earn up to an extra $5,000 in 2018 by going solar today!  Fill out the form on this page and we’ll contact you for your free, no obligation solar consultation and estimate. 

Happy New Year and we hope to chat with you soon about your solar needs!

Remember, if you already have solar installed, you can refer your friends and family for up to $525 per referral!

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2017 Solar Year in Review

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