Boston Solar teams with Generac to offer solar batteries

Published in The Lowell Sun

WOBURN — Boston Solar, the top solar installer in the state, has announced a partnership with Generac to offer PWRcell solar batteries.

Generac, a maker of home backup generators, recently introduced an innovative PWRcell battery-storage system.

This power backup option is free of fossil fuels and combines with solar energy.

The capacity of the Generac PWRcell is the largest on the market when it comes to residential solar batteries, making it much easier to be flexibly scaled alongside a homeowner’s solar PV system. Battery storage can further reduce home energy bills by load shifting from grid-use electricity to battery use.

Solar batteries also qualify for the savings of the federal solar tax credit, and can protect your home from unexpected power loss and keep your lights on during a power outage.

Boston Solar is committed to reducing clients’ utility bills and making Massachusetts a cleaner place to live and work.

The company has been catering to Bay State residents since 2011 and is the top Massachusetts-based installer, with more than 400 projects per year.

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