Boston Solar Announces Partnership with Generac to Offer Solar Power Back-Up Option

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In the event of a power outage, Bay State homeowners can now take advantage of an innovative solar power backup system. Boston Solar, the top solar installer in the state, recently announced a partnership with Generac to offer PWRcell solar batteries.                                                                                     

Generac, a company renowned for making home backup generators, recently introduced an innovative PWRcell battery storage system. This power backup option is free of fossil fuels and combines with solar energy. The capacity of the Generac PWRcell is the largest on the market when it comes to residential solar batteries, making it much easier to be flexibly scaled alongside a homeowner’s solar PV system. It was created in mind to time-shift energy loads during peak rate periods. Plus, with Generac’s plug & play system and being DC coupled, installation is easy.

Generac’s PWRcell solar battery has 17.1kWh storage capacity with 10kW peak power / 6.7kW continuous power. Additional features include: a DC battery; easily scalable up to 34.2kWh; greater raw power; Generac Inverter; automatic transfer switch; smart management and energy monitoring.

Benefits of solar battery storage

There are a number of benefits of combining battery storage to the design of a residential solar energy installation:

- Battery storage saves all of your clean energy for use in your own home 24/7 

- It can further reduce your energy bills by helping to avoid peak demand electricity prices by load shifting from grid-use electricity to battery use. 

- Solar batteries qualify for the savings of the federal solar tax credit. 

- A solar plus storage system can protect your home from unexpected power loss and keep your lights on during a power outage. 

“Utilizing solar energy in the home has many enticing benefits, from reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills to increasing the resale value of your home,” said Daniel Mello Guimaraes, CEO and co-founder. 

He continued, “A well-designed and installed system of solar panels can often generate more energy than a home will use during the peak sunlight hours, which means all that excess energy is sent back to the grid for use in other homes, in return for a net metering credit. Yet, solar battery storage allows for all that excess renewable energy to be saved for later, which ultimately maximizes the benefits of solar. Solar battery storage assures homeowners a power back-up option.”

In addition to Generac PWRcell, Boston Solar’s battery storage system line includes Tesla Powerwall and Sonnen eco. 

Boston Solar is committed to reducing clients' utility bills and making Massachusetts a cleaner place to live and work. The company has been catering to Bay State residents since 2011 and is the #1 Massachusetts based installer with over 400 projects per year.

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