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Boston Solar provides affordable energy solutions for big energy savings. 

With an in-house installation team, we’ll use the latest technology to cut your bills and preserve indoor comfort. 



Upgrade your energy to the next generation.

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Stop paying for electricity and start generating your own. Affordable solar power delivers a lifetime of savings by cutting monthly electric bills.

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Enjoy the perfect temperature anywhere, anytime. High efficiency technology now heats and cools the home for more comfort with less energy. 

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Keep energy inside from escaping outside. A weatherized home can cut energy bills in half by sealing leaks and insulating spaces.    

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Serving Boston And Beyond

From the Bay State to the Constitution State to the Granite State, Boston Solar deliver’s energy solutions across New England. Learn about solar incentives in your respective state below, or call us to find out how we can help cut your energy bills.



There are many good reasons to improve your energy use--and good reasons to do it with Boston Solar. We are a full service company providing solutions to customers wanting to cut their energy bills and preserve indoor comfort.


With a team of in-house experts, we can apply the latest technology to the three most transformative energy solutions: generating free electricity with solar power; reducing energy loss with weatherization treatments; and optimizing temperature control with high efficiency heating & cooling systems.


These changes will result in an extraordinary amount of green savings, both for the wallet and the environment, which is spared the affliction of fossil fuels. With a wave of financial incentives making costs affordable, there hasn’t been a better time to adopt these energy solutions of the 21st century.

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How does the World Become 100% Renewable?

Cause for Concern         Although our advancements over the past few decades have revolutionized the modern world, there have been consequences, such as severe air pollution. According to Mark Jacobson, a Stanford University environmental engineering professor dedicated to a cleaner future, 4 to 7 million people die prematurely because of air pollution every year, with...Read more

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