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#1 Massachusetts-Based Residential Solar Panel Installer

Rated #1

Rated #1

Boston Solar is ranked the #1 residential solar company based-in Massachusetts on Solar Power World’s Annual Top Contractor's List.

3,000+ Installs

3,000+ Installs

In the past 5 years, Boston Solar has installed 3,000+ solar systems in New England, more than any other MA-based company.

Serving Massachusetts

Serving Massachusetts

We are based in Woburn, Massachusetts and serve all Massachusetts towns and cities east of route 91.

Your solar savings start here!

We want to help you reduce or eliminate your utility bill and make Massachusetts a cleaner place to live, work, and enjoy life.

You've got solar questions, we've got answers

We've gathered the top questions from home owners and answered them below. Have a question that we haven't covered? Please contact us.

How much do solar panels cost 2017?

Because each solar panel system is custom designed for a home or business, there is no “one cost” of solar panels. Each installation begins with a customized quote based on several factors, including how much you spend on electricity, how large your roof is, and if you’re a residential or commercial customer. For residential installations (and commercial, if chosen), Boston Solar gives customers the choice between LG, Hyundai and SunPower solar panels. Click here to learn more about the products we offer.

How much will I save with solar panels?

Boston Solar customers can save up to 100% of their utility bill (excluding the utilities standard service charge), depending on monthly energy usage and amount spent.

Is solar financing available?

For residential customers, Boston Solar offers a variety of solar finacing options. Not interested in owning your own system? No worries - we also offer a solar lease through SunPower. A Solar Consultant will explain our options and customize a solution that has you cash flow positive in the first year. To learn more about residential financing options, click here.

How long will it take to install my system?

For residential customers, the solar panel installation is typically a one or two day process. From the moment you sign a contract, it typically takes between 90 to 120 days to install the system and get it turned on. 

Will I still need to use the electric utility?

You will always receive something from your energy company.  Even if solar covers 100% of your electricity needs, the electric utility still charges a minimum "customer charge" because they are still providing you with a meter and energy, should you need it. Solar energy needs to be consumed in real time, unless you are using a storage solution, currently not offered by Boston Solar. You will use the power from your system as the energy is generated. The energy not used is credited on your utility bill. When the sun is not shining or powering your home or business, you will use electricity from the grid. The amount of energy that your system generates will offset or, in some cases, eliminate the electricity part of your utility bill.

How much will it cost me and my family to solar power my home?

Every solar panel system is custom designed. Between financing and incentives, customers are usually cash-flow positive in their first year. Massachusetts has one of the strongest solar incentive programs in the country. In addition, federal tax credits and low-interest solar loans contribute to a positive cash flow.

Is solar energy more expensive than utility rates?

Electricity prices typically fluctuate seasonally and have increased on average by 4% nationally over the last 10 years. By owning a solar system, you produce your own power and are less exposed to the volitility and future electricity cost increases.

What is the latest news in Massachusetts solar energy incentives?

On January 31, 2017, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (MA DOER) announced an extension to the lucrative Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) program for home owners and businesses who purchase or finance a solar system.  SRECs provide a quarterly payment to home owners for every 1,250 kWh of electricity produced. However, SRECs will end in 2017 which is why NOW is the time to go solar. You also qualify for a 30% federal tax credit and will receive up to $1,000 state tax credit. If a customer chooses a solar lease or Power Purchase Agreement (commercial customers only) instead of purchasing or financing, they are not eligible for any federal or Massachusetts solar incentives.

For more on residential ownership and finance options, click here. To learn more about SRECs, check out our blog post.

What kind of maintenance do solar panels require?

Our solar systems are warrantied to last 25 years and are virtually maintenance free, with the exception of the inverters, which typically last 12-15 years.  However, our residential systems come with an automatic inverter warranty extention from 12 to 25 years. We are the only residential installer to do so. Click here to learn more about the products for residential solar systems.

Is there a warranty on my solar system?

Boston Solar offers the strongest warranty package in Massachusetts at no additional cost to the customer. Solar panel warranties are 25 years, we extend the warranty for inverter(s) to 25-years and also include a 10-year workmanship guarantee. In addition, for residential customers, we also include a 25-year production guarantee, which no other Massachusetts solar panel installer offers.

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Why choose Boston Solar

√ Ranked top solar contractor nationally

√ 100% locally owned and operated

√ Top quality components

√ Vertically integrated

√ Local community support

√ Over 3,000 installations in New England

√ 25 year warranties and production guarantee

√ Unsurpassed workmanship

√ Internal electricians and crews

√ Highest customer satisfaction ratings

We only use the best solar products on the planet

There are 4 main components to a solar panel installation: solar panels, racking, inverter and monitoring. The solar panels Boston Solar installs can generate 70% more energy in the same space over 25 years.  We only install the best solar panels, racking, inverters, and monitoring software.

Solar Panels - LG, Hyundai or SunPower

Solar Panels - LG, Hyundai or SunPower

Boston Solar offers a variety of options for solar panels to meet the needs of home owners. All solar panels offered are the highest quality and most efficient panels on the market. The power of the solar panels we install range from 300-360W. They deliver maximum performance with premier technology. Contact us today to receive your free estimate and learn more about our solar panel offering.



Depending on the panel you choose, we choose the racking that is best suited for that panel. We always consider aesthetics when we are installing solar panels, so you don't need to worry about racking showing on your roof.  It will look seemless with your solar panel installation.

Inverter - SolarEdge

Inverter - SolarEdge

SolarEdge is the leading residential inverter supplier in the United States. With their inverters, your solar panels are optimized even further for maximum solar panel energy output. This means your panels will always produce the maximum potential power even if there is shading, snow, leaves or bird droppings interfere. Click here for the technical specifications of the SolarEdge residential inverters.

Solar Energy Monitoring

Solar Energy Monitoring

The best part about having a solar system is knowing it's producing power and being able to see and understand the impact it's having on your electricity bill. With SolarEdge's PV Monitoring, you will be able to see the impact your system is having on the environment and timelined charts telling the power you're producing. Depending on your finance/purchase/payment options, you may have SolarEdge or SunPower monitoring.

Solar Energy Financing & Payment Options

See how much you could save by going solar with Boston Solar. Boston Solar offers many financing and payment options to help you go solar with $0 down. 

Purchase Your Solar System

Purchasing a solar panel system directly will offer you the highest return on your investment.  With this option you receive all Federal and State incentives, without any fees or interest payments that accompany loans.  If you buy a solar panel system, 30-50% of the cost is returned to you through tax credits, a state rebate and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) within the first year and you become cash positive. Over the next 10 years, SRECs are paid out quarterly for the energy you produce. 

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Finance Your Solar System

To get around the hurdle of upfront costs, we offer 100% financing programs through Massachusetts Solar Loans and Sungage Financial.  This allows you to own your solar array, take advantage of all the tax credits and rebates, and make a profit in the first year.  A solar system saves you on your electric bills and earns you quarterly income through Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs).  You pay nothing out of pocket and still have greater system generated savings than your low monthly payments.

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Lease Your Solar System

If you choose a solar lease facilitated by Boston Solar, the solar lease provider owns the solar panel system, receives all of the federal tax credits, state rebates and quarterly SRECs and you have a monthly lease payment for 20 years. You will still receive benefits of a lower utility bill, but will not own the system. 


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