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Solarize Program

Solarize Mass

The Solarize Mass program looks to increase the adoption of small-scale solar electricity systems through a grassroots educational campaign, driven mainly by local volunteers and reduced pricing that increases the savings for participants. Each participating community competitively selects a designated solar installation company. Homeowners and business owners who want to participate can either purchase the solar electricity systems directly or enter into a lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) with the installer if offered. Under a lease or PPA, the installer will own, operate and maintain the system, while the home or business owner agrees to purchase the power generated by the system as a specific rate. 


Solarize Mass Plus

The Solarize Mass Plus program pairs the Solarize Mass model with an additional technology offering. This program was piloted in 2017 and participating communities opted for solar PV plus solar hot water and solar PV plus air source heat pumps. Eligible technologies range from various Clean Heating and Cooling technologies, to Energy Efficiency or Electric Vehicles. In addition to competitively selecting a solar installation company, MassCEC will assist the community in competitively selecting a vendor for the Plus technology or technologies.

Since Solarize Mass launched in 2011, the program has resulted in more than 19,000 individuals expressing interest in pursuing solar electricity and other clean energy technology systems. To date, over 3,500 residents and business owners in 69 communities signed contracts resulting in over 23.55 megawatts of contracted capacity. The Solarize Mass Plus program has resulted in the contracting of an additional 43 clean energy technologies. In addition, the number of small-scale solar electricity projects in almost every community doubled as a result of the program. To learn more visit the Mass CEC website.

Boston Solar is currently participating in the following Solarize Mass Plus Programs:


Why Boston Solar is the best choice for your Needham or North Shore home

  • With more than 4,000 installs, Boston Solar is the #1 solar rooftop contractor based in Massachusetts 
  • We serve homes and businesses
  • We will help you reduce or eliminate your electric bill
  • Solar is renewable, helps the environment, and helps you "go green."
  • Strong solar tax credit incentives: 26% federal in 2020; up to $1,000 Massachusetts state tax credit; and, the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART), where you receive a check in the mail monthly for the energy you produce.


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