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Press Release

Boston Solar and Sandri Energy Partner to Offer Solar to Customers

Woburn, Massachusetts – May 31, 2017 – Boston Solar, the #1 Massachusetts-based residential installer, announced today that it has partnered with Sandri Energy to offer solar to Sandri Energy Customers who purchase a new A/C system.

Sandri Energy and Boston Solar have a common interest, to offer energy-efficient products and services to their customers. The partnership created assists customers in upgrading their current HVAC systems and go solar thereby decreasing or eliminating their energy costs. Boston Solar will give new customers $500 off each system when purchased before August 1, 2017.


“Air conditioning is vital to New Englanders who have to beat the heat and humidity in the summertime.  Upgrading your cooling system will increase your energy efficiency.  With that in mind, we thought a partnership with a solar company could help.  What better way to lower or eliminate your electricity costs over the next 25 years than to go solar?” said Timothy Van Epps, President of Sandri Energy.

Boston Solar is also working closely with Sandri Energy to install solar on various properties to help them offset or eliminate their electric bills.  In realizing these savings, they also want their customers to save by going solar.

“We hope that Sandri customers will consider going solar when they purchase a new air condition system.  Boston Solar will give each of these customers $1,000 off if they do.  Not only that, now is the time; the lucrative Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) program in Massachusetts will end for new customers in March 2018 and payback periods will be longer. Boston Solar will meet with any Sandri customer to discuss all of the benefits of going solar and financing options,” said Daniel Mello Guimaraes, Co-Founder & CEO of Boston Solar.

To take advantage of this program, go to: https://solar.bostonsolar.us/sandri-leads.

About Boston Solar
Boston Solar is the #1 residential solar company based in Massachusetts boasting over 3,000 installations in five-years. Proudly powering Massachusetts, the #1 state in the nation in solar installations. We provide superior products, exceptional customer service, and the highest-quality workmanship. Boston Solar is dedicated to helping customers save money, while improving the environment and supporting our local community. Solar. Savings. Made Simple! To learn more, go to www.bostonsolar.us.

About Sandri Energy
Sandri Energy is a third-generation family-owned and operated business. Sandri Energy offers a wide array of energy related products and services throughout the Northeast. Their highest priority is understanding and fulfilling the energy needs of their customers. To learn more, please go to www.sandrienergy.com.

Natalie Holtgrefe
Director of Marketing
Boston Solar
617-858-1645 x225

Phil Phillips
Director of Equipment Sales and Service
Sandri Energy
(800) 882-4511 x188


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Boston Solar
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