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Solar has never been so affordable as the present. In addition to technology costs dramatically falling, government has put its back behind clean energy by offering tax subsidies to promote adoption. Even we at Boston Solar are giving away money to anyone who refers someone to go solar with us. Wherever you look, there’s lots of financial incentives available making the cost of solar all the more affordable—and in some cases, even profitable.

Government Incentives

From federal to state, everyone is handing out $ benefits

From federal to the state level, a collection of rebates and credits are available to significantly offset the cost of the system. But they will not last forever: Incentives are set to expire within the next couple years, so you’ll save more now by taking advantage of them before they’re gone.  Here are the current subsidies that you can benefit from: 




A 30% off the price of a solar system can be deducted as a tax credit. The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is set to expire at the end of 2016, so use it while there’s time!




Massachusetts is among the country’s top leaders in fostering solar power. Find out what incentives are available.

Referral Program

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Here’s another way for you to make money from solar: get someone else to go solar! With our referral program, we’ll pay you $500 for anyone you refer to us who installs a solar system with Boston Solar. They’ll save money by getting free energy and you’ll make money by leading them to it. It’s a true win-win! To refer someone you know, contact us now or fill the form below to make a submission.


*Residents of Naticks are not eligible to be referred while the Solarize Mass Natick is in effect. (They are already receiving special discount pricing).

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