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New England's Energy Solution Specialists
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About Us

Who We Are

A rapidly growing company of energy solutions specialists

Founded in 2011, Boston Solar began with its name: delivering solar to the Boston area. It wasn’t long however before the company’s offerings expanded beyond solar. Weatherization services and high efficiency heating & cooling systems joined solar to provide a complete energy solution for customers. In addition to broadening its products, Boston Solar soon grew beyond Boston with a new office opening in North Haven Connecticut and sales extending into New Hampshire.


After 1800+ solar installations, the company has become recognized as a major solar provider in New England. Last year Solar Power World named Boston Solar the number one residential solar installer based in Massachusetts. With over 130 employees, the company does more home installs of solar systems than any another headquartered in the Bay State.  


Along with solar, Boston Solar has done over 750 home weatherizations plus over 300+ installs of heating & cooling systems. The trio of services makes the company a unique total energy solutions provider. No one else has its own expertise in these three areas which usually get sub-contracted out. Boston Solar can address all the energy needs of a home or business using its in-house team of engineers and technicians. This allows for complete integration of energy services, providing customers with an optimal and convenient solution under one roof.


The latest advances in technology have enabled clean, efficient solutions to power people’s lives. Boston Solar puts control of energy in the hands of its customers

Boston Solar About Us
Save Energy

Why We Do It

Save energy, save money, save the world

We live in a world of growing energy needs. Technology multiplies, people multiply, and energy consumption multiples in turn. But while energy powers things that benefit our lives, energy afflicts them as well, from our bank accounts to the planet. Increasing utility bills strain the cost of living with a larger financial burden, while fossil fuels harm the environment with their destructive extraction and polluting consumption. We can’t afford either of these consequences.


We believe the solution is a more intelligent approach to energy that saves more and harms less. Instead of paying for energy from a dirty power plant, we can generate clean, free energy with solar panels. Instead of losing energy in a leaky home, we can seal and insulate it against loss. And instead of wasting energy on inefficient heating & cooling systems, we can consume less while getting more comfort.


If we can improve how energy is used in one home, we will help one person save. If we can improve how energy is used in everyone’s home, we will help the world save--and help save the world!


Equipment Partners

In the energy business, efficiency matters. To get that optimal performance requires using quality equipment from reputable manufacturers. That’s why we carefully choose our suppliers to give you the best technology in the industry. Here is who we work with.


Community Partners

Boston Solar is excited to partner with local communities to offer them savings with our energy solutions. If you are interested in having such programs come to your town, please don't hesitate to contact us!


Our Job Openings

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Who We Are

We are a team of high-spirited, good natured, happily dedicated, genuine characters.
We love our job because it is serving two noble causes: helping you save money and helping the world save its environment! We look forward to working with you to achieve both of these goals :)

Our Fearless Leaders

Daniel Mello Guimaraes - CEO & Co-Founder

Daniel Mello Guimaraes

CEO & Co-Founder

Romain Strecker - Co-Founder

Romain Strecker



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Daniel Mello Guimaraes : CEO & Co-Founder

 After 10 years of commercial banking in Europe and South America, Daniel headed across the Atlantic to co-found The Boston Solar Company. He came with over a decade of experience in international business, the most recent being as a director leading the secondary syndicate team for Lloyds Banking Group in London.

 From 2000 to 2010 Daniel served in numerous leadership roles with the Active Portfolio Management, Acquisition Finance, and Wholesale Banking teams at Lloyds. From tackling problems at this industry giant he now applies his financial savvy to spearheading business development at Boston Solar.

He also brings a rich academic background after earning a double B.A. degree in Economics and French from Davidson College along with a M.Sc. degree in International Securities, Investment, and Banking from the University of Reading, U.K. His extensive travels have gained him fluency in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, the last served by his native tongue from Brazil.

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Romain Strecker : Co-Founder

A co-founder of the company, Romain brings 15 years of entrepreneurial experience leading successful start-ups within the energy sector. Before entering the solar business he founded American Building Technologies which offered energy assessments and weatherization to homes. His extensive experience as a general contractor includes serving as managing construction sites, developing water conservation projects, and building sustainable landscape development.

This diverse background has led to Romain wearing many hats at Boston Solar where his primary duty is running the company’s operations. His academic studies spanned across disciplines, with a B.A. in Economics and Math from Davidson College followed by a J.D. and MBA from Loyola University’s College of Law and College of Business respectively.

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Michele Buchanan

Michele Buchanan

Director of Operations and Administration

Peter DiGiano Sales Manager Boston Solar

Peter DiGiano

Sales Manager

Florence Stecker - Comptroller

Florence Strecker



Nick Hoehn

Assistant Operations Manager


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Michele Buchanan : Director of Operations and Administration

As the Director of Operations and Administration, Michele is responsible for ensuring that Boston Solar has the best working environment and processes. Michele manages the implementation of business guidelines and strategies to ensure everything runs smoothly and in accordance with guidelines. Michele oversees the operational and financial performance of the organization. She develops plans and implements operational, administrative and financial changes, as well as implementing strategic business initiatives introduced by the CEO. Since joining Boston Solar in 2014, Michele has held the roles of Junior Accountant, Human Resources Manager and Operations Manager.

With over 28 years of construction knowledge, accounting experience and entrepreneurship, Michele’s versatile background has given her a wealth of knowledge and experience. Michele operated her own successful retail showrooms for 9 years. She was a Loan Analyst for Massachusetts Housing Finance Authority, a Loan Servicing Accountant for a local cooperative bank, and an Inventory and Cost Accountant for Masco Contractor Services Corporation in California.

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Peter DiGiano : Sales Manager

As the Sales Manager, Peter is responsible for ensuring customers receive an exceptional experience with one of our Solar Consultants.  Peter trains the sales group on best practices, new technologies, finance solutions and customer experience. Peter is also responsible for community outreach, events staffing, and non-profit partnerships.

 With over 8 years of experience in the energy efficiency business, he brings expertise in residential Solar and home energy efficiency solutions.  Before joining The Boston Solar Company, Peter was responsible for large scale residential sales groups. Previous to his time in the residential solar industry, Peter worked as an energy efficiency building analyst.  Peter studied Construction Technology and Energy Efficiency at, The University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he earned his B.A. 

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Florence Strecker : Controller

As treasurer of the company, Florence manages cash flows, payroll, invoicing, and project cost evaluation for the business. Prior to entering the world of numbers, she thrived in the world of language. From 2005 to 2012 she served as assistant professor of French literature at Simmons College where she taught students and published research.

Her academic studies have accumulated a pile of degrees over time, starting in her native country of France where she earned a MA in teaching French as a Second Language and a second MA in English, both from François Rabelais University. After coming to the U.S. she studied at Davidson College then went on to pick up a MA and PhD in French from Tulane University. In 2015 she will earn an MSA in Accounting and Finance from the University of Massachusetts.

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Nick Hoehn : Assistant Operations Manager

Nick started with Boston Solar in October 2014 as a Project Manager and soon afterwards moved into a role as Senior Project Manager.  As the Assistant Operations Manager at Boston Solar, Nick is responsible for overseeing and guiding a 30+ person operations team.  Nick works daily with the in-field solar installers and in-house designers and project managers to ensure all residential and commercial solar installations are completed in a timely and cost effective manner.  Nick also oversees the warehouse and procurement teams.  

Nick's 10+ years of construction, property management and advertising experience have provided him with a vast skill set, ideal for the ever changing and exciting world of solar. He has worked in advertising for Yahoo! and Boston.com, property management for Woburn based The Dolben Company, and construction on Martha's Vineyard for 7 years, where he was born and raised.  Nick has a wife and son, and loves his lawn and golfing.  

Our Valiant Brigade


Accreditations & Accolades

We hold ourselves to the highest levels of excellence as affirmed by the company’s accreditations and team of licensed professionals. In addition to satisfied customers, our work has also earned recognition amongst industry organizations. We’re honored to be listed with the best in the business.


*In addition to listing us among the top 100 in the country, this distinction also ranked us the number one residential solar installer based in Massachusetts.

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